Zynga Shuts Down Baltimore Studio

The social game developer Zynga started consolidating its locations by closing their studio in Balitmore, Zynga East. It lasted from 2009. Recently, Bryan Reynolds, former chief game designer, resigned, effectively also closing the door on CityVille 2.

To lower renting costs while avoiding laying off large numbers of people, Zynga merged several studios: two in Austin and New York that are each becoming one. The McKinney studio is moving to Dallas.

“While these decisions are always difficult, these steps will affect approximately 1 percent of our workforce and enable us to focus our resources on the most significant growth opportunities,” chief operations officer David Ko said in a statement for GamesBeat today.

Zynga’s last quarterly earning’s report indicated losses for CityVille 2. Instead, they plan on focusing on franchises that work well, such as FarmVille, which through better customer loyalty bring greater revenue and networking.

Meanwhile, Zynga is looking to place the Baltimore workers in new positions, while the situation in other consolidated studios is not as severe, especially due to proximity of the studios. About 1 percent, which is around 30 people, will be out of work as a result.

[Source: GamesBeat]

[Image credit: Zynga]

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  • http://www.GameNTrain.com/ Eric Hoff

    I feel like so many studios / blogs and other gaming icons are either leaving where they began or closing shop. What the heck is going on in the industry?

    • http://twitter.com/LukeShooty Luke Siuty

      maybe it’s just more “make or break” than ever before