Xbox One vs Playstation 4: Hands On

I got to play on both consoles at Eurogamer, after very long queues for both I can say that the only difference I could tell was the controller, we know that Xbox One is only 720p native and the PS4 is 1080p native, but unless they’re side by side you won’t be able to tell the difference. What I say about the controller is relative to me, as an example the Xbox 360 controller is a bit small for my hands but feels much more comfortable in my hands than a PS3 one.

The Playstation 4 controller is much bigger than the PS3’s and feels much more comfortable however there is a bulge in the hand grip that felt a bit weird for me though I assume that people will adapt to that. The controller is also wider and the triggers feel much easier to press with less of a travel distance probably because they’re now curved which feels so much nicer. The sticks on the controller feel much better and the small indent on the top improved my grip by a surprising amount, with the games I briefly tried the touchpad wasn’t a function available, it felt quite nice to the touch and I’m sure it will be a good feature for developers to use. The light bar on the controller is something sneaky that Sony has included which I will go into after I’ve talked about the Xbox One.

The Xbox One controller is so much of an improvement over the 360, there really was some thought that went into it to try and make it extremely ergonomic those 40 improvements really work. It feels smaller than the 360 controller but is much more comfortable, it fits my hands much better due to the internal battery. The triggers are familiar but new and the response is a bit better than the 360 due to the new magnetic sensors, the bumpers took a bit of getting used to but after 5 minutes I had no problem using them. The sticks are smaller but have better grip, have a wider range of motion and are more sensitive, the offset thumbsticks feel more comfortable to me overall than the PS4’s. The vibration feedback of the triggers was really good, for example changing gear in Forza gave a slight shudder which made me feel a bit more immersed in the game, I revved to the redline and I felt the triggers tell me that I should change up.

Overall I prefer the Xbox One controller, maybe it’s because I’m used to the 360 but it definitely feels much better. In regards to Sony being sneaky, they say you can use the light bar but don’t mention that you need the Playstation camera for it to work, this is the reason why the PS4 is cheaper than the Xbox One, Microsoft have included the Kinect in with the Xbox One hence the higher price, Sony haven’t included the camera which if you want to use the controller to its full ability you need it. I’m guessing that if you buy the camera the price would be the same if not more than the Xbox One.

Overall I didn’t see any difference while playing them separately, I honestly don’t think there is as much difference between them as people like to think, if you care about high quality graphics and 60FPS, give PC gaming a go, you can use Xbox and PS3 controllers if you really want to. I’m going to get the Xbox One at some point next year purely because of the fact I don’t want to start again from zero with trophies and that I already have a 360. Hopefully once we get some decent games out and people have actually used the consoles for a while we’ll have a more level playing field.

the author

I am Alec Willis, I write a bit about the games I enjoy, I play rugby and I think the running around in a circle pit to Slayer is a great form of exercise

  • Smell Master 9000

    “I’m guessing that if you buy the camera the price would be the same if not more than the Xbox One.” If you took 5 minutes to do little researched you would know that it’s still cheaper. This article is terrible.

    • cubs223425

      Other than that fact (which has the Ps4 $40 short of the Xbox One, if you include the camera,” the article’s an opinion about the controllers, so not sure how it can be “terrible,” unless it’s from the viewpoint of someone who refuses to accept that there are positives about the Xbox One because it competes with the PS4, and you’re extremely insecure that you’ll make the wrong choice by picking Sony.

      • Mr. Mogoon

        The article is written poorly. Hopefully no on is paying him for this.

        • cubs223425

          “written poorly”

          “no on”

          Not sure if hypocrite or great troll.

      • hakesterman

        The PS4 Camera is $60.00, so it would still be $ 40.00 cheaper and have a better processor and memory than Xbone and have a removable Hard drive. Sounds to me we have an insecure Xbot..

        • cubs223425

          Sounds to me that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s the GPU that differs between the systems, not the identical Jaguar-based CPUs.

          The PS4′s HDD is removable, but the Xbox One supports external HDDs, which is arguably better, as it means you can unplug your external, go to a friends, and not have to worry about a game re-install.

          The memory, we’ll see. The eSRAM is SUPPOSED to help close the gap once developers get down to using it, but it’s something that is allegedly unfun to develop for (like the PS3′s cell processor). That, and remember (or learn, since you probably didn’t know) that Sony got pretty lucky with the RAM. They were only expecting to be able to get 4 GB of RAM per console, but lucked out on being able to gt a BUNCH more than they expected. That’s why Microsoft went DDR3 over GDDR5 in the first place–they needed the certainty of quantity to handle the multitasking that the Xbox One does.

          Also, if you want to flash the spec epeen, go build a PC. Otherwise, shut up about it.

          • hakesterman

            I already have a Custom PC i built from the Motherboard up, so you go shut up. Secondly the CPU’s aren’t even close in the two consoles. The Xbone delivers 1.3 Terabytes per second and the PS4 1.8 terabytes per second, that’s a major difference when it comes to processing game data, that’s why Xbone is stuck at 720P video and PS4 is 1080P. Why would you put old ram technology in your new product, that is stupid. Even more stupid is that MS$$ put AA back in their controller, just stupid. As far as memory goes Sony didn’t get lucky with it, they listened to the devlopers, that is not luck. Take that and all the BS. they tried to pull with DMR restrictions and constant internet and i was done with Xbone 6 Months ago. Can’t do it, won’t do it. I have a 360 and like it, but when the day comes to upgrade it will definitely be a PS4.

          • cubs223425

            LOL, swing and a miss. You are both wrong about the measurement AND the hardware part. Those 1.3 and 1.8 measurements are about the GPUs, and it’s 1.3 and 1.8 TFLOPs per second. What does it even mean to “deliver 1.8 terabytes per second?” Terabytes of WHAT? Considering that even Thunderbolt 2 (the fastest means of transferring information via an external interface) maxes out at 20 Gb/sec. Divide that by 8, and you have 2.5 GB/sec. Divide that by 1024, and you have .0024 TB/sec. So, you’re not going to be pushing jack of 1.8 TB of information/sec over a .0024 TB/sec connection, before you even consider that you don’t have external HDD suport to even bother trying.

            Of course, there’s also that wicked-fast 5400 RPM laptop drive in the PS4, maybe THAT can handle 1.8 TB of information/sec? Well, that drive is connected via SATA II, which runs at 300 MB/s. How’s that translate to TB/sec? Well, you have to divide by 1024 twice (to get to GB, then to TB). So what’s 300 MB in TB? Oh, .0003 TB/sec (rounding up a bit).

            So please, explain to me WtF you think a computer does, because I’m not sure I believe you know anything.

          • hakesterman

            Seriously, this is the crap you come back with. You fucking retard.

          • mboojigga

            I would really love to see you come back with an actual response because if that is all you have to say lol then I think we know how little you know. Unless your still researching whatever information about your computer.

          • hakesterman

            I would love to see you say something that makes sense, but we know that won’t happen. I know you know nothing, so i guess i’m one notch above you huh.,….

          • cubs223425

            Solid response, I enjoyed your ability to show off how intelligent you are, in terms of computer knowledge.

            I provide a mountain of facts and explanation. I ask you for some sort of intelligent response, and you call me names. I think that shows exactly where you stand in this debate.

            The worst part about it is, as much as I intend to get the Xbox One when I decide to get a next-gen console, if you would be willing to have a rational conversation, I’d freely admit how impressed I am with what Sony is doing on the gaming/hardware front, particularly how they manage to provide a smaller console than Microsoft, even while putting the PSU inside the device, which Microsoft isn’t doing.

            But no, you want to resort to petty name-calling because you have nothing of value to add to the conversation and want to get attention for being an Internet tough guy. It sucks, it really does.

          • hakesterman

            Sorry to disappoint you, i’ll try harder next time.

          • cubs223425

            I guess I shouldn’t just stop there, since you’ve got more wrong. “Old RAM technology?” You said you built a computer “from the Motherboard up,” right (ignoring that you’d build it form the case up, unless you’re a psycho who doesn’t use a case)? Do you have any idea what kind of RAM you have as your main memory? I’d say there’s a 90% chance you’re on DDR3, and a 10% chance you’re on DDR2. The GDDR5 (the “G” stands for “graphics,” by the way) isn’t used as main memory in computers. It’s found in video cards, not computers themselves, as it has drawbacks that I am not technically-knowledgeable to explain, but you can probably find out about on the Internet.

            As for the “stuck in 720p,” I will ask you to explain that matter, just because I am curious if you actually understand why some (not all) Xbox One games run in 720p. I know the answer, and I’ll share it if you get your answer wrong, because I actually read and attempt to learn. If I’m in the mood, I’ll even try to find the sources I learned it from, so you can learn as well.

            Back to the RAM quantity, they did get a bit lucky. I can again TRY to find the source, but I’ve read multiple things that said Sony was expecting 4 GB of RAM, and it was enough for what they were planning. Microsoft needed 8 GB because it wanted that multitasking environment they are offering, while Sony just needed the 4 GB for its gaming tasks (hence why it was fine with going with super-fast GDDR5 in a lower quantity).

            As for the AA batteries, it has its benefits. If the battery goes out in a PS4 controller, you’re out $60, even if the controller itself is still functioning. While I agree that I’d prefer an integrated battery (I’ve never run down a battery faster than a controller), I’d rather have to spend $25 once to avoid having a $60 controller wasted by $2 AA batteries.

            “External hard drives are not better than external Hard Drives” I’m not even sure what you’re talking about at this point, but I’m guessing you mean external’s not better than internal. It can be, depending. The internal drives for these consoles are pretty weak, as they’re 5400-RPM drives over SATA II. I’m not certain, but a 7200 RPM drive over USB 3.0 MIGHT be faster. Regardless, I think you missed the benefit, which is the portability of your games, not a speed-related thing. I’d rather not have to pull a drive to go to a friend’s. If you don’t take games to a friend’s, the bigger internal works, but if you like to share games and go to play at others’ houses, having an external drive beats having to re-download or re-install games to a friend’s drive (especially if you go to 2 or 3 friends’ houses).

            “MS$$$ already stated that you will be very limited to what you can do with your games” They’ve already said they’ve got the system in-place after the Day One update so it’s 100% like the Xbox 360, so wrong. Even on the previous, DRM-based system, it allowed for the potential to a real Steam alternative on consoles, and it was allegedly going to allow you to share every game with up to 10 friends. It wasn’t implemented poorly, but it had potential, if they were smarter about it (allowing for a disc check, rather than forcing an online check every time).

            By the way, what’s in your PC? I’m just curious as to whether it exists, based on the plethora of wrong computing information you crapped out in that comment.

          • hakesterman

            I’m not going to read a 7 paragraph response, you need to shrink that down to two or three small paragraphs and then maybe i will read and respond. Go PS4.

          • cubs223425

            Here, I’ll get it down to about seven sentences that cover the main points, if seven paragraphs is beyond your attention span:

            1. Terabytes/second isn’t a measure of anything.
            2. The 1.3 and 18 numbers are the TFLOP ratings on the GPUs, and those numbers are completely irrelevant to the CPUs, which are essentially identical 8-core, Jaguar-based chips from AMD.
            3. I never called external HDDs better, I just said that the convenience of carrying your games to a friend’s is a benefit over an internal-only solution like Sony offers.
            4. Sony was expecting 4 GB of GDDR5, but it was somehow able to get 8 GB, while Microsoft couldn’t get assurances it woudl be able to get 8 GB of GDDR5, and it needed the 8-GB quantity for its mulitasking, so it went DDR3+eSRAM.
            5. Xbox One games aren’t “stuck at 720p,” considering the fact that Ryse runs as 900p and Forza 5 runs at 1080p (not sure if any others get above 720p at launch).
            6. I don’t believe that you built a computer, given the terminology you used, so please detail the specs of your build, for the sake of verification (tip: that RAM in your PC will be the “old technology” DDR3).
            7. If you need an explanation as to what things are, and WHY developers are having issues getting the Xbox One over 720p, I’ll gladly explain it, with what knowledge I have.

            There are your seven sentences. I admit, I used commas to make a few longer, when I could have used multiple sentences.

          • hakesterman

            Your Right, i didn’t build a computer, i’ve built the last 4 computers i’ve owned plus built one for my brother and one for my Nefew and two for peple i work with, so you got me there. Secondly, again Sony did not worry about getting more than 4 GB or Ram in their system, they didn’t think they needed more than that, but the developers said no you need 8, so that is what they went with. The CPU’s in the consoles are not both Jags, Sony’s is a Jag with 8 cores, MS. won’t mention what they got, but it’s not a Jag, it’s 8 cores but it doesn’t come close to Performance of the PS4. You don’t need to explain anything to me about Xbone, i’m all over it’s major failures.

          • cubs223425

            You’re extremely naive, I see. It was announced that AMD was offering the CPU back in May:,2817,2419289,00.asp

            You can go look up any number of articles to see them point out that they are Jaguar-based cores, but since you’re so hellbent on trolling and refusing to have intelligent discussion, I’ll just be done. You win, troll. I’m sure you’ll add my name to the list of names you’ve trolled away.

          • hakesterman

            Your the one who refuses to have an intelligent discussion. But thanks for being done with me, cause i was done with you along time ago. And it takes a troll to know one, and it takes two to argue, so you are as guilty as me. So there!

          • Dakan45

            says the asshole that results into insults and trolling.

          • Dakan45

            You dont have a pc you lying scum, stom posting crap. You dotn know crap about pcs.

          • hakesterman

            You can not even spell correctly you lying scum.

          • Dakan45

            typo and spell have a diffirence, but i keep forgeting you cand do typos on a typewritter

          • wsoutlaw87

            external hard drives are not better. You are probably not going to be aloud to save digital copies of games on them and no installs. There for you can only use them for game saves which can be done in the cloud if you want to use them at your friends house. You can also use a 7200 rpm hdd in a ps4, or even better you could use a ssd to have your games load faster. Despite what you may think the ds3 battery is 100% removable and heres one for 4$ You have to know you are just bsing your self if you say you like using AA batteries or spending more so ms can charge you for something that should be included. If your going to try and talk about stuff and try to disagree with everyone you should be sure of what you are talking about. I can see your trying really hard, but is it really worth it to defend it so much. Just be honest with your self. Trying to defend when a company is messing up with something you are paying for helps know one. Oh and you cant say hes wrong for talking about the processor, you do know what gpu stands for right? But yes he is wrong if he thinks a cpu is where the majority of tflop numbers come from. The gpu in the ps4 is much more powerful and games mostly use the gpu anyways. They added a lot of gpgpu to make up for the weak cpus.

          • cubs223425

            1. Again, I am NOT saying that external drives are better. Engadget spoke with Penello back in May, and their exact words after that conversation are, “Hard drives in the Xbox One are non-user-serviceable, but Penello
            confirmed that the USB 3.0 port is there for external storage, which can
            be used for everything the internal storage can be used for.
            That includes game installs and downloads. So, don’t fret: adding
            storage will be just as easy as ever.” I haven’t heard that anything’s changed since then, but if I do, I’ll admit my fault in using an old source.

            2. Have we gotten verification that an SSD solution is possible? I ask out of curiosity, because even if it is, going that route would be HIGHLY expensive. Even a 120-GB SSD is $105, and that’s to get 25% of the built-in storage. At its current prices, a SSD solution in a console’s just silly, because you can’t set up a high-capacity HDD with it.

            3. I never said that I prefer AA batteries. Also, I suppose the battery is removable like an iPhone’s battery is, but what I’ve read refers to is as “non-removable.” Based on THAT, I’ve said that I’m OK with the battery pack solution, as it’s served me just fine with my 360 (never had a battery go bad before a controller, and only had one of each go bad).

            4. I have no delusions about the mistakes of the Xbox One. I’m not even intending to buy a console of any kidn for at least 6 months, so it’s not like I’m even defending something I’m about to buy. It’s my intended future purchase now, but I also expect improvements over the next 6 months. If there are none, I’ll probably stick with my 360.

            5. That dude’s using terms like “the CPU delivers more terabytes per second,” so I’m 98% sure he’s not confusing the CPU and GPU as much as he’s confusing computers with unicorns. I know exactly what the numbers he is using are in reference to, in their proper context.

          • Wsoutlaw87

            1 That would require the old drm rules i believe because if you could get a game to play off of an external hdd then you would be able to upload it online and everyone could pirate it. And yes, you said they are “arguably better”, so dont try and play with words.

            2. yes people have used ssd and 7200 rpm hdds on the ps3 and there speed results can be seen online. I agree that its kind of crazy to use a ssd in a playstation but people do it. There are also hybrid drives you can use that are much more reasonable.

            3. Dont compare the battery to an Iphone battery. You obviously dont own a ps3 or a dualshock 3, or an iphone for that matter if you think removing 5 screws is the same as changing an Iphone battery. I also havent heard one person complain about the battery in the dualshock because after 6 years mine still last hours and charge surprisingly quick. You shouldnt have to be fine with paying extra money for no reason.

            4. See you’re interested in the xb1 but if it sucks youll get nothing. Why not try the ps4? What is so bad about it that you wont consider it. Im getting a ps4 at launch but if xb1 actually shows off some living room stuff I cant already do and some exclusives ill get it after the price drop to 300.

            5. Ya he doesnt know what hes talking about. People like to argue with there side with out even knowing the facts. You cant really blame him because your all over this comment section trying the same thing. We all have a bias towards things, thats just obvious, but you have to be able to see when you’re doing it and why.

          • cubs223425

            1. I should have been more-clear. I didn’t mean “arguably better” in terms of performance, but in flexibility. No source has stated any different, in terms of the functionality of external HDD on the One, though. It’s been confirmed that it won’t be available at launch (admittedly crappy, but not the end of the world in the short-term, same with the PS4 and MP3). Since the setup is the same as the 360, I don’t see what you mean about uploading the game, since it’s account-locked. I’d imagine that it won’t offer any different experience for pirates than what the 360 experience did. It’s definitely something we’ll have to watch out for though, because it’s not going to be here for a bit (no ETA), and something certainly could have changed by now (maybe they’re reworking it for better security).

            2. I’m not exactly sure how the hybrid option would work. I tried to get a quick look on Newegg, and the 3 hybrid drives they showed were all 3.5″ drives (too big for a PS4), and they were SATA 3, so I’m not sure how a SATA II connection would throttle their speeds. I don’t think anything other than a full SSD or a full 7200-RPM HDD is going to be used, unless you keep the console open or something (not sure what the HDD setup is in there, if opening the case provides room for a full-sized drive or not).

            3. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s paying extra for no reason, I guess it depends on the scenario though. As I said, I’ve worn out one controller (ghosted quite a bit and the left stick’s grip tore off a bit, though it was still functional) on my 360, and one battery. The controller went first. I’ve got a second controller starting to wear down now (mostly just getting squeaky and a little ghosting), but its battery is in fine shape. I agree I’d prefer built-in batteries, but it’s not an egregious problem to spend $25 over the life of the console/controller. I was bothered more by the initial removal of a headset with the console, though that’s probably because I was used to buying a battery pack. What WILL irritate me is if Microsoft itself doesn’t sell the batteries separately from the chargers.

            4. The PS4 doesn’t offer anything I want, plain and simple. I don’t care to migrate online services away from friends and family. Its exclusives don’t entice me when I’d 2 console generations behind their stories. Killzone is literally all I’d want to play from their line-up, and all the PS3 showed me that I was interested in over its 7-year life was God of War (another generation-old franchise) and Killzone. I don’t do the general action games myself (as much as I like Assassin’s Creed’s story, its combat system bored me immensely). The alternative to an Xbox One isn’t nothing, it’s putting console money into a PC upgrade and going that route, most likely.

          • Wsoutlaw87

            what games does the xbox offer that you were interested in? gears and halo? The halo makers are making destiny and the gears devs are done making gears. The original Gears was one of my favorite games but I cant believe you allowed your self to miss out on god of war, uncharted, infamous, the last of us and all the other games. 1TB 2.5 hybrid drive 108$ They have more two.

          • cubs223425

            I didn’t “miss out” on those games. I played the first God of War, saw a good deal of it. It looked pretty good, sure. The others, I haven’t watched, but what I’ve seen of those games didn’t make me think I missed anything, really. The action/adventure genre isn’t my thing, it just isn’t.

            For my 360, I’ve enjoyed Halo (3, Reach, 4), Gears (1-3), Forza (2 and 4), even Viva Pinata. I liked Full Auto as well, and thought it was a lot better than Twisted Metal for adding the actual racing elements. The only games on the PS3 that ever really had me interested were MLB: The Show and Killzone, and that’s not enough to make me buy a console. I’ve bot plenty to play on my 360, so it’s not like I’m sitting here bored wishing I had stuff to play.

          • Dakan45

            Hakersterman is a consoletard, he doesnt have a pc

          • Dakan45

            I am certain you use a typewriter like a hipster you are.

  • Bryan Kirckof

    Totally xbox biased. Piss poor article.

    • cubs223425

      Point me to a single, unbiased view in the universe, and I’ll point you to an utter lie. The guy SAYS his preference for the One’s controller might be caused partially by the familiarity with the 360, so it’s not like he’s hiding his opinions and beliefs here. It’s an opinion article, he offers his opinion, and you act as if he’s trying to hide something.

      • Bryan Kirckof

        I’m sorry to have angered you but he lost me when he said the ps4 and camera would probably cost more then the x-one. Seriously? He couldn’t take 2 minutes to look up the price of the camera? And while this certainly an opinion article, which is all fine and well as everyone is entitled to one, it’s my opinion that if the author didn’t want people to think he had a bias he would have done his research before spreading misinformation.

        • cubs223425

          “I’m guessing . . . ”

          He openly admitted he didn’t know with those two words (three, if you count “I’m” as two words). I don’t know where you get that I’m angry, simply because I’m saying that opinions aren’t facts, and you’re trying to treat them as such.

          He didn’t even spread an ounce of misinformation. He said he was used to the 360 controller, and he said it might lead to his preference for the One’s controller. He said he GUESSED the PS Eye would lead to a cost on-par with the Xbox (which $40 is in the ballpark, but still nearly a game less).

          The thing is, he admits a bias, and you rip him for misinformation because he’s hiding a bias. It makes no sense. He admitted his previous preference. He admitted he guessed on the price. Not sure what else he can do to appease you, other than say “PSFOUR!!!!!”

          • bmp1113

            The simple fact is, dont write something if you cant take 1 minute to look up how much the camera is. Most people know how much it is already and he couldn’t even look it up. That does spread misinformation.

          • cubs223425

            Oh, I completely agree, it’s not even something a person should have to look up, since it’s been common knowledge for, like, 5+ months now. However, the idea that his opinions and controller preferences are invalid because he doesn’t know the price of the competing platform’s camera accessory is stretching the punishment a bit far, in my opinion.

            It MIGHT spread misinformation to someone who can’t comprehend words or do an Internet search, but the simple fact he starts that sentence with “I’m guessing,” should be the biggest red flag that someone shouldn’t take that statement as fact (especially since it was wrong by a $40 margin).

    • hakesterman

      Yes, it is pretty bad.

    • dgsgsd

      Not authors fault every intelligent being uses and loves the x360 controller.. take your bitch ass outta here sony fan boi

  • LegenWaitForItDary

    I’m just wondering what bumps he is talking about on the DS4. I have one and it feels great. I guess its all preference.

  • wolf

    Are you ten years old? Your writing is terrible.