Xbox One Politics May Return By Request of the Fans

Marc Whitten, corporate vice president at Microsoft Xbox, insists that some features discarded for the Xbox One after the harsh criticism, such as mandatory internet connection, the system of restrictions on the sale of second-hand games, etc.., Could return in the future.

Some of these policies were considered good for the user, such as the Family Sharing System to facilitate shared access to the contents of the console for multiple users, but there are some of us who do not like sharing our games with others.

Beyond the question about the future, the method of how these conditions of service would be implemented, along with the results of console reservations and the harsh criticism from fans were definitely hurting the perception of the product in the public eye.

Whitten acknowledges that when the console was announced, all of these elements should have been communicated in a way that was “more open and comprehensive”.


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