Why I’m Going with a Steam Console and Wii U This Next Generation

Over the past year or so, since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were announced, the Console Wars have been reignited with just as much fury as before. With the blind bias that many of the individual company’s fans seem to emanate, not all are like this of course. It makes someone like me, who just cares for the greatness that this industry brings to us, in a state of annoyance over the petty arguments that these fandoms have generated. It is for these reasons that I have decided to completely skip the products offered by Sony and Microsoft out of the sake of preserving my own enjoyment of all games.

My disagreement with these consoles are of course not confined to the fans’ bias. I am also quite displeased with their business practices as of late. Between Microsoft’s policy of buying early releases and exclusivity to Sony’s recent actions of derision of their competitors, they have taken up very unprofessional tactics to appeal to their fans. It makes them appear as rich children arguing on who has more friends, dishing out their money and foul tactics to make them more popular. In my opinion, a console should be able to get exclusivity and early releases on the impressiveness of the console and the first party titles for the system instead of the size of the company’s wallet. The same applies to the their behavior, they should be able to maintain a professional manner with its rivals and focus on the enjoyment of their games instead of trying to be better then them.

As Nintendo and Valve seem to show the said qualities, I have decided to purchase their systems. Here are my reasons for being excited about their systems.



Nintendo is known for their iconic games. With Mario being more recognizable than Disney’s Mickey Mouse and the sheer stability of most of their games, it goes to show that Nintendo tries to focus on what they see as great and work hard to make it the best they can. Admittedly, I have had some moments where I was unimpressed with their announcements, but I have always come to enjoy the games when I was able to try them out. They always seem to give me some challenge with their well designed levels that progressively get harder as they go.

Valve’s Steam Machine will be able to support the 3000 games currently on their gaming service. With the systems’ use of track pads as the main system of movement, I will be able to play a much larger selection of games that were before only limited to the mouse and keyboard. Games like Civilization 5 and Arma 3 will finally be able to be played from the comfort of my living room. Also, due to more games coming to PCs then console, I’ll never encounter a time where I’ve played all the games there is to offer.



As stated in their announcement page for the systems, Valve doesn’t mind if you modify the hardware, OS, or even change it into a robot. If for any time you think that you need to change it for personal preference, you’re free to do so. You can even make your own if you want. This relaxed nature is a refreshing change from the limited specifications of other the consoles. Where if you modify it at all, you can run the risk of losing your online access. This freedom if exactly what I want from a console.



Just about everyone who looks at the Wii U will immediately notice its innovation. The extra screen on the controller adds a whole new level of fluidity to the system. Instead of having to pause the game to get to a specific item you need, its as easy as looking down and dragging the item into place. This is great for games that feature a large array of items, such as the Legend of Zelda series, and will players to have more actual playtime instead of wasting it in menus.

The steam Machine controller is also innovative. Other than the screen in the center of the controller, and its unique design, it replaces the standard analog sticks with trackpads. As stated above, this allows for a greater number of games to be played on the system, specifically PC games. Valve has stated that the new touch system will allow for more accurate input in games such as shooters and will be able to give the accuracy of a mouse for games that need it.



The Wii U will be the cheapest of the three traditional consoles at $300 dollars. this is 100 dollars cheaper than the PS4 and 200 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One. As I don’t see much innovation from the higher priced systems, and I can get a more powerful alternative with the Steam Machine, I see no point in getting them. For the price, the Wii U offers some great games and more are on their way. between the third part games that the system does have and the games by Nintendo, its a great deal for being 100 dollars cheaper than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Steam Machine will have a variety of models all at different power and price. So if you, like me, have a smaller wallet, then you can purchase a cheaper system and upgrade the parts when need arrises. This freedom to modify the system makes the price that much more appealing, as I know I can upgrade when I need to instead of being confined to set specifications.



The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will surely be great systems, and many people are bound to have a great time with their purchase. I will also have a great time with my purchases as I will be able to enjoy what this industry really is about: games

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the author

Christopher Carpenter is one of the younger members with GameNTrain. He Lives in Arizona and frequents N4G.

  • David

    I do like how the only thing that you could think of to justify an obvious clickbait title like this is that you’re skipping the Ps4 because it made fun of the Xbox One. Yeah, thats solid reasoning. It highlighted its strengths? HEIGHT OF ARROGANCE!

    • jcnba28

      I’ll give you solid reasons as to why I cancelled my PS4 pre-order.

      - No games at launch are worth the $400 price of a console
      - Forced PS+ subscription to play online (I don’t care how good it is I do not want it.)
      - Doesn’t support external hard drives so that means I can’t play my movies or music like I could with my PS3.
      - Doesn’t play audio cd’s
      - Remote play only works well within the same WiFi network as your PS4.
      - 500gb hard drive is way too small when games are reported to be around 45gb each.

      • David

        -No game on the WiiU is worth $300, period.
        -As opposed to nonfunctioning online for the WiiU. You have virtually the same experience as a Ps+ removed online experience, without ever being able to upgrade.
        -Who uses their game console to play audio CD’s? Is is it still 1996?
        - Whereas the Wii U allows you to play your WiiU games all over the same goddamn room as the WiiU is in.

        -Which is why you can upgrade it to two terrabytes any time you want.

        • BizarroChadWarden

          “No game on the WiiU is worth $300, period.”

          What are opinions?

          I swear, you sonyggers are truly pants on head retarded.

          • Yeah…

            Did you just try and make up a fanboy name? It’s stupid, if you would like to know.

        • smashbrolink

          Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City Undercover and The Wonderful 101 are all more than enough to justify the cheapest console of the big 3.
          And even more games are on the way this holiday and 2014.
          And as to non-functioning online?
          I’ve had few if any issues with Black Ops 2…..

          • David

            i’m sorry, I beli9eve you mean “the most expensive of the big three”. Its still more expensive than the Ps3 or the 360 – the two consoles it is closest to in terms of power.

            And not one of those games you mentioned is even worth the price of buying the games, let alone the price of an additional console.

            Oh and, Rayman Legends is on every other console.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            believe it or not, pal, Wii U can handle DX 11 level rendering and simulation so go do your research and then come back when you actually know something, as Project Cars actually has the majority of PC assets of the PC version in Wii U version. And for the record, Rayman Legends was only ported to other platforms because Ubisoft were big sissies so they opted to be cowards and not try to take risks like smart people such as Slightly Mad Studios, who are making Project Cars, are doing. Thank you for the time and stop spreading the hate.

          • David

            Hmm. Well, lets see what an experienced developer who makes games that people actually care about says about the WiiU’s power, instead of a tiny studio that made a crappy PC version, ported it to the WiiU and made outrageously stupid comments in order to get hype from a bunch of braindead fanboys.

            The devs at Bethesda, they’re quite good. What do they have to say? Oh, they think its an underpowered Piece of Shit? What a surprise.

          • Gamingsince75

            I will take the word of people who actually work with the console over those that have never touched it. its not like Bethesda actually went out and actively paid for a development kit for Wii U because they have never made games for Nintendo console. I also doubt and I cannot remember them ever making the comment you are suggesting. You are spinning things in typical fanboy fashion to fit your opinion.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Thank you. Someone who recognizes the call for honesty in this industry. May the odds be ever in your favor. Let Nintendo live on.

          • David

            “It’s probably not too controversial to say the Wii U is not where the
            Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be, and that’s a lot of development time
            you’re going to split between a bunch of very different platforms if
            you’re trying to release on all of them simultaneously,” he said.
            “That’s really where it comes down to, how similar it is to what you’re
            doing on the other [consoles]. And we’ve got to strip all of this other
            stuff out to make it work and we’ve got to completely redo the controls.
            It’s just not going to happen.”

            If a dev is saying “We have to strip everything out to make it function on the WiiU”, what does that say?

          • Gamingsince75

            I do not see him saying “Oh, we think its an underpowered Piece of Shit?” anywhere in that post. A lazy dev can always justify being lazy and as has been said, they have not made games for Nintendo platforms before. They are just giving a reason why. You are taking that reason and trying to turn it into what you want to be said, in order to justify your hate. Also “All this stuff” does not mean ” Strip everything out”. I would ask if you are really that stupid but you’ve proven you are with all your posts.

          • David

            Right, they haven’t made games for Nintendo consoles before, because its been 0ver 20 years since Nintendo made a console that wasn’t an underpowered piece of shit.

          • BizarroChadWarden

            “The devs at Bethesda, they’re quite good.”

            Is that why every single one of their post Morrowind game was a piece of bug ridden shit that became playable after a barrage of patches released in the 12 months of post release? You see, by calling Bethesda “good”, you showed your true colors regarding how much of a clueless, mongoloid shill you are.

            Congratulations. I’m sure Sony will send your check in the coming days after seeing your efforts to defend their console. I heard they also give bonuses to people who shit on everything that’s not made by Sony, so you’ll get a hefty bonus for that too.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Nah they’ll just fire him for taking it too far this time. Sony is changing to be a bigger part of the industry so surely they have learned from their mistakes-most of them- by now have they not?

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            U r so undereducated and corrupt I don’t even know where to begin to cure ur Draugr poisoned mentality except that there is this German developer named Shin’en who has been developing on Nintendo hardware since the dawn of DS. They managed to get Nano Assault Neo running on Wii U with only one CPU core at 1080p and 60fps just in time to make Wii U’s launch-plus this is an indie dev we are talking about just so u know. and now they’re already close to releasing their next game Fast Racing Neo which is planned to come autumn 2014. Ur precious Bethesda took forever to get Skyrim DLC running on PS3 for crying out loud and ur saying Wii U is the one anti-developer friendly? Go see ur doctor cuz ur a fucking zombie. Shin’en has interviews where they discuss it in technical details down to the interior of Wii U that you can look up if u think I am just a braindead fanboy making this up and u even the slightest bit of knowledge to understand what u will read in Shin’en’s interviews, if I have even convinced u an ounce so far and u take my word for it, but I know u won’t since ur too self righteous and loyal to admit u r wrong. And that’s fine; many in denial take plenty of time to reach the acceptance stage or just fall flat and die for their own ideals, which looks to be where you’re headed unless u have even been paying attention to my explanation so for because otherwise I can’t help u further. I hope u learned something cuz if not God better save ur soul I won’t think to spare it when u try trolling and acting like a bloody lobcock again; FoS on the God part btw. Oh and all of Nintendo’s IP will be 1080p@60fps from this point forward-did u know that even includes all stuff from 2013 that came out this year and beyond into the future? What a surprise, huh? Who such an underestimated machine could do so much? Looks like Wii U is not so useless as u make out to be and ought to be called next gen from this point forward or have I failed to convince u diehard elitist?

          • smashbrolink

            No, I mean the least expensive, so keep your beliefs to yourself.

            It’s a next-gen console, the most affordable of the big 3.
            It’s not a last gen console, and no amount of whining over “Specs” or “Graphics” can change that, no matter what you want to think.

            And yes, they ARE worth getting the console for.
            But seeing as how you’re heckling them without basis, I don’t suppose you’ve even given them fair trial, so there’s no point in discussing it with you further.

            And Rayman was designed from the ground up for Wii U, then ported to others. It still plays best on Wii U and it even sold best on it despite the smaller install base.

            We’re done here. It’s obvious you hate the console and won’t listen to anything anyone says about it unless its a bash you can agree with. Don’t expect follow-ups or even for your replies to be read beyond this; it’s not worth my time.

          • Blake Wigert

            That is a very mature way to deal with a very immature person. You made my day.

          • Orange Lada

            My daughter and I are spending hours on Zelda, loved Pikimin 3, and Monster Hunter 3. Might not be your cup of tea, but I have a PS3 – like it – but won’t get a PS4 and the Wii U frankly is far better (albeit with fewer games at the moment)

          • Blake Wigert

            You’re lucky with Black Ops 2 then… I don’t know if living in a city would help but that would be rather unfair. When I used to play there were connection problems very frequently.

      • Anonymous

        But you’re going for a console with barely any games, and from a company that doesn’t know how to support a console properly. Glad I didn’t make the same mistake I did with the Wii, by getting a Wii U. Also, do keep install data from games after you beat them? If you’re a normal person, you don’t. When you’re done with it, you can always delete it from your hard drive. Your comment is beyond dumb, now I’m believing this was click bait.

        • Christopher Carpenter


          I didn’t write the comment above by Guest. This article is also not intended to be click bait as I am simply stating my opinion.

          I enjoy Nintendo games and agree with the way they act in the industry. You probably feel the same way with the company you support which is fine.

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        let me deduce why you’e a fool.

        - The games at lauch are a matter of opinion.. Launch titles are simply that LAUNCH titles so its up to you on finding whatever new experience suits you.
        -the PS+ is to play online multiplayer everythign else on the console isnt behind a pay wall and ALL F2P games work online without PS+, your payment improves the systems network and the benefits from Plus is actually pretty amazing.
        -Sony have addressed the external hard drive issue.
        -CD’s…? are you actually joking me… you would cancel a bloody pre order because it doesnt play CD’s..!? thats like me selling my Xperia Z1 because it doesnt have the original game of snake on it..!?
        -how do you know how well remote play works on the PS4 have you used it..? do you know for deffo how piss poor the connection will be with remote play, Sony have said they’ve incorporated remote play with the Vita in mind so you can play your PS4 wherever you are, with all this timein development im sure they arent going to rush out this feature and have it a sloppy mess..?
        -i have a original 60GB PS3 but swapped out the hard drive for a 1TB hard drive and i managed to fill that up! so simply upgrade your hard drive..? why are you acting like itsimpossible or even difficult when they’ve confirmed you can upgrade your own ahrd drivee..?
        so there you have it i hope you have been better educated… Enjooy your life.

        • Gamingsince75

          I will give valid reasons why I am not getting one.
          1. No free online. Doesn’t matter what you use to justify it, its wrong. With Wii U and PC it is completely free in all aspects.
          2. No games. 3 year old PC ports and another Milkzone are not worth the 1100.00 or so I would spend.
          3. I get more out of the box with Wii U for 300.00 then I do PS4 for 400.00. I would still need a Vita and 10 years of PS+ payments and that is a lot of Wii U and Steam games.
          4. Over priced. You think 300.00 for outdated tech is bad but over 1k for a console using chips for mobile devices is beyond a rip off.
          5. Sony fanboys. Never met a more immature or embarrassing fanbase in my 38 years of gaming. You are the biggest reason I will not support Sony and look forward to the day they leave the console business and take you with them

      • Okay

        Wait, so you would use the ps4 for audio cd’s? Haha you’re just reaching for a con.

      • Nollog

        Why the hell would streaming a game working over your local network be a con? You realise gaikai and onlive don’t do very well by using the internet because of the fact not many people have good connections, what makes you think PS4 will give you Gigabit internet?

        I agree with everything else though, people be saying CD’s don’t matter, but they forget it’s a really simple thing to ad, so why are Sony removing the ability? To get you on their music download service.

        Also I’m with the author as always, Nintendo for console, PC for third party. I got sick of Sony during the PS2 era, and Microsoft never had anything I was interested in game-wise.

  • RayJay

    100% agree. That’s why I stick with my gaming rig for fun and ULTRA competitive games like (free2play) DoTA2, Starcraft2 or CS:Source etc.

    Nothing that I’m aware of on ANY console can match the “purity” of these ultra competitive games. These games are the definition of ‘eSports’

    Wii U is there for magical adventures into the land of Pikmin or Mario or Zelda, etc.

    Again, nothing on PS4 or X1 can match the charm of Nintendo exclusives. (for me)

    And I have a PS3 for the occasional must have PS3 exclusive like last of us or GTA V

    I have ZERO desire to get a PS4 at the moment. BUT If I was someone who just simply doesn’t understand PCs and how to build/maintain them… Then I would go PS4 right away. It’s a unbeatable package for someone who is a completely PC illiterate

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I am not completely PC illiterate but I just don’t have the money right now so while I can save up and get right to it if I wanted to I have always been a console guy so I am going for next gen consoles which include Wii U as of now so PC gaming will have to wait for me but I don’t doubt its sheer epicness. As I have been keeping up with all stuff PC and console gaming, the whole industry pretty much, so I definitely agree PC is a special experience that can’t be missed and Nintendo indeed has experiences u can’t get anywhere else not even from Sony and Microsoft as I grew up on Nintendo-hence my username.

  • smashbrolink

    Wonderful article, very well said.
    In this sea of people who will heckle you for sticking to the least powerful alternatives, it’s nice to see someone sticking to their guns and playing what they like regardless of what the haters and spec/graphic whores have to say about it.

  • Gamingsince75

    100% agree. Been mainly a PC gamer and I decided to get a console this gen. I went with a Wii U because the library will be vastly different to what I get on PC already. I get all kinds of hate for it but I have no interest in paying for online or playing games I already played 3 years ago, so I have no interest in a PS4 or X1. All console are outdated when compared to PC so the fact Wii U is weak in comparison doesn’t bother me. Most powerful console never wins any way.

  • Noah Martin (Steelmanner)

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Chris I admire the Heck out of you for doing this article, but the responses you are getting are similar to the article of mine where I presented my concerns with the PS4. That being said I have been literally laughing my head off for half an hour. All your points are solid and I completely agree with you. Keep the good work coming buddy, I can’t wait to see more.

  • http://cutietripledgamer.wordpress.com/ Quaisha A.Thornton

    Hi Chris! My kind of article. I never really thought about the Steam console because most people I talk to are so concered with getting a PS4 or Xbox One. I said I’m getting the Wii U first and probably the Ouya. Since Steam is coming out with their box, I might as well get that too. Ps4 and Xbox One are huge investments and I usually don’t buy launch consoles anyway so they are going to wait until next year.