Why GTA V Should be delayed again

With the unveiling of the PS4 grabbing all of the attention in the gaming world this week, all of the gaming news seems to be on the next generation and when Microsoft will reveal their future plans. Aside from the next generation consoles, the biggest release this year should be Grand Theft Auto V. With the updated release date now being September 17th, it will be released perilously close to the expected release of the PS4. With the next stage of the gaming development almost upon us, I for one would like to see GTA V be delayed again to exclusively coincide with the release of the PS4 and whatever the Xbox console will be called (if possible).

With the life of the Xbox 360 and PS3 coming close to being in the past, I would hate to see GTA V being in that category. Fans of Rockstar’s ground-breaking sandbox title which has amused gamers since the game made the leap to 3D gameplay in 2001 have waited 5 years for the next GTA title to be released. GTA has always been seen as the example of gameplay which many games can only hope to emulate and to see the excellent series be developed using old technology when the next generation is upon us is ridiculous in my opinion.

The game will no doubt be as popular as the previous titles as anything Rockstar touches when it comes to sandbox games, equal sales. GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire are all examples of games which have all sold well and this is partially due to the Rockstar badge on the front cover of the game. The game could be a great incentive for gamers to purchase the PS4 or the next Xbox console and would be boost sales quicker.

Of course sales aren’t the be all and end all of the gaming world (arguably) but in order to attract more gamers onto the next phase, the products on offer need to be enticing. Playing Carclub or playing music using the Move controllers may appeal to some gamers but a release of GTAV would appeal to the masses and have gamers throwing their money at the consoles.

The only way I could describe if GTAV were released in September, just before the release of the PS4, would be like if GTA: San Andreas was released just before the PS3 was released. The graphics would be old fashioned and would seem to be if it were released in the past. As someone who has owned each GTA game, I feel it would be of everyone’s interest if the game was delayed again to coincide with the release of the next generation. Although the future consoles may be able to play games which were playable on the PS3 and Xbox 360, I believe it is in the community’s interest if the game is delayed again.

It may seem ludicrous to delay one of my favourite gaming series but I believe it would make a better product. It would not be an easy thing to do as some of the game would have to be changed but it certainly would be changed for the better.

Grand Theft Auto V deserves to be tomorrow’s news, not yesterday’s.


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  • http://www.GameNTrain.com/ Eric Hoff

    Your point makes total sense to me Simon. Why release a game that will not be able to be played on the next gen consoles . On top of that, your inferior statement is a good one. Rockstar could make the game much better in the looks department if they were to take advantage of the new technology. Lets hope the right people read this and begin to re think.

  • Oliver

    The thing is there has been talks of it being released on both gen consoles,
    which would be a bad move if you ask me. But don’t you think game
    companies don’t know more than we do about the future of the gaming
    market? Of course rockstar wants its game to be better! I personally
    think new gen consoles are useless….for now. Those are the ones that
    need further delay. Anyway it would be a pretty bad idea to release a
    game as much expected as gta V on a newly launched console: if the
    console is not perfect at launch, it kill the sales for the game.

  • Josh

    push it back i want it on the PS4

  • val

    How can you be sure GTAV will sell 25 million copies like GTAIV did? GTAIV is the highest rated game of all time and is still in the charts 5 years after release. There’s no guarantee GTAV will sell anywhere close to that. LA Noire did not sell well. The studio went bankrupt after its release because it had such a high development budget.

    It would be idiotic of them to listen to you. There are about 140m ps3/360s out there that could buy the game. The hardware is still fine. If they delay it to release on next gen systems the install base will be what, 5m? It’s a business decision. This is possibly the most complex game ever made. If they do release it on next gen systems at all, it will be a straight port with minor graphical upgrades.

    You could delay any game indefinitely and keep making it better. Fans don’t want to wait 2 more years – which is what it would take minimum to redevelop it. I really don’t like that developers constantly make new engines and take 4-6 years to release a new game. Fans are deprived of 50% of the content they could be getting just for some small graphical improvements that would have come eventually any way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500684400 Sheldon Prescott

    I’m sorry, but I’ve lost all my interest in this game. If they delay it again, I’ll have to pass. I’m thinking about the PS4 this holiday season.