Back in 2009, Borderlands was released and offered something new to the gaming community. 2K / Gearbox presented to us a First Person Shooter with a purpose, objective, robot (Claptrap) and a shit load of guns. As we inch ourselves closer to Borderlands 2′s release date (September 18, 2012) many are becoming anxious and excited for what is to come. Below is some info I have for you.

Borderlands 2 is taking us back to Pandora, the land where we plan to have a blasty blast. While there we will be introduced to a whole new plethora of weapons and 4 new characters that we can play as. The Siren is one character class that many of us remember from Borderlands 1. I mean, how can you forget Lilith? Well. Lilith is going to be replaced by Maya. I know this may get some of you depressed, but even though Maya can’t phase walk Lilith, she isn’t too bad. We have a picture of each of them below.

With that being said, the Siren is the only character class that we have experience with from Borderlands 1 that has been confirmed to return. The three other classes which will be incorporated into the title are all new. We can look forward to getting to know the Gunzerker, Ninja, and Commando. No word has come across my desk on if we will see Brick, Mordecai or Roland this time around.

Earlier I mentioned that there will be a whole new arsenal of weapons. Not only are we getting all new toys but we are going to be able to dual wield any weapons we like. Now that is some pretty tough news. Run around with two dual wielding SMG’s or shottys. (I know you ran around dual wielding the Models in MW2) One thing about this franchise is that there is never a shortage of firearms.

4 player co-op is returning this time around as well. With 4 player co-op comes vehicles which seat 4. Nice touch. Playing with friends in this comic bookish, artsy shooter was a big part of what made the original Borderlands so enjoyable. It was great to be handed some expensive weapons from an already ranked up friend, just to go cash them in and purchase weapons I could use at my current rank. Some people are just so generous.

With 7 months to the release of Borderlands 2, there is sure to be a ton of information being released about the title. What would you like Gearbox to reveal next? Be sure to keep it on lock with us here at GNT for the latest, and if you missed the release trailer, go check it. It offers 96.5% more WUB WUB and 870 Gajillion more guns.

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    Actually I am pretty sure not anyone can dual wield, only the gunzerker. The other three shouldn’t be able to.