What the Wii U has done Right

Now that all the next gen consoles have been presented and detailed, it is apparent that some of these machines aren’t quite up to par with what we were hoping. With the Xbox One’s VHS looking design and greedy downloading charges and  the lack of a console appearance at all with the PS4, it seems that the next generation of console could leave gamers scrambling toward their PC. However, a small percent of gamers have realized there is currently a next generation console out right now. Nintendo launched the Wii U at the end of last year, and it has been ripped to shreds ever since. Although I very much enjoy the experience of the console, many fail to see the creative and witty machine Nintendo has released. In addition with the lack luster performance of the other console companies, it is essential to present what the Wii U has done right for the next gen gamers.

Backwards Compatibility

WiiganesMany claim the Wii U doesn’t have a lot of first party support from Nintendo, in the form of video games, and those people would be right. However, when you look at all the games that can be played on the Wii U’s Wii virtual console the game library is pretty extensive. Also, there have been whispers in the dark referencing that Nintendo is planning on releasing an update that would allow the Wii U to be compatible with GameCube games. That would result in the console being backwards backwards compatible. Unimpressed? Then consider that neither the PS4 nor Xbox One allow the use of any games from previous systems. Although the new games aren’t releases on the Wii U yet, at least you can play the large array of games from the Wii.



(Please remember that all Specs are assumption, because official specs have not been released)

The Wii U is also being ridiculed for it’s “lack of power” when it comes to process, but perhaps we are just judging it on the wrong scale. The consoles Central Processing Unit (CPU) is said to be too slow and outdated, but in reality it is quite the opposite. It contains a 90nm SOI processor from IBM. All you need to know from that is it makes the processing “overclock” at higher speeds and reduce power consumption. As for the GPU, meaning the Graphics Processing Unit, it has also been give the same accusation as the CPU,but again those charges are incorrect. There are 400 unified shaders, many times higher than the last gen consoles, in the Wii U’s Radeon HD 5000 graphics core, but the truly impressive part is that the graphics core contains small amounts of Random access Memory (RAM) which enhance with the consoles graphical functions.



Not until recently have gamers been able to pause there in the midst of battle, and get on the Internet on their console. Possibly watch a few YouTube videos, or look up how to bypass a tough situation in their game and then spring right back into the action. With the Wii U this and much more is possible. Any gamer can now look down at their gamepad and quickly maneuver through their inventory and plan their attack with the mini map in their hands. In addition, Miiverse has created a safe and fun place for gamers to connect with others who enjoy their games and activities. Also, the gamepad has potential for extremely diverse gaming, for example searching around a room by moving the gamepad and playing full games on the controller.

A Few More Things the Wii U got Right

  • Price- at $350, for the deluxe model, it is significantly less than the Xbox One which was just announced at $499
  • Wii U Online Store- Many title are almost instantly downloadable and the shops also contains classic Nintendo Games
  • Exclusives- Although many have not been announced, E3 is fast approaching and Nintendo exclusives have always been amazing
  • Gamepad- The WiiU offers gamers more than just a controller, it gives them an experience with the Gamepad
  • Console Look and Size- The console itself is extremely slick and stylish, but it is also small and powerful.
  • TV integration- Nintendo TV takes control of your cable box allowing the user to control Television with the Gamepad


In conclusion, as the next gen consoles slowly become clearer and clearer it is apparent that the best choice for the next generation of console gaming is already out. With a decently long list of amazing features and innovation that Nintendo has given their fans with the Wii U I expect to see a rush of gamers sprinting to their nearest gaming store for the unique console. I understand some of the features may not be working to their potential but once they are, the Wii U could be the best gaming experience for the next generation.

Once again thank you for reading my article, and make sure to leave your opinion in the comment section. Also, E3 kicks off today and GameNTrain will have amazing coverage on many of the event, so please stay tuned for the latest on E3.

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