With the start of my summer vacation I have a ton of laborious jobs to do around both my and family members homes.  Combing some good outdoor work with some nice gym time and I should be feeling good.

Monday: Biceps

  • Superset
  • Cable curls 4
  • Single arm flex curl 4
  • Ball crunches 4
  • Superset
  • Big bar curls 3
  • Dumbbell hammer curls 3
  • Chin ups 3
  • Incline treadmill 50

Tuesday: Triceps

  • Superset
  • Rope push down 4
  • Single arm cable push down 4
  • Ball crunches 4
  • Superset
  • Overhead cable extension 4
  • W bar push down 4
  • Incline treadmill 45

Wednesday: Chest

  • Incline Smith press 10
  • Superset
  • Cable fly from top to bottom 10
  • Leg lifts 10
  • Incline treadmill 30

Thursday: Back

  • Superset
  • Pull ups 10
  • Double arm dumbbell row 10
  • Ball crunches 10

Friday – Sunday

Landscaping in the near 100 degree weather. Enough said.

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