Week In Geek: Comics, Conventions and Cosplay

Hi again gamers! Erin here! Welcome to the Week In Geek, where I’ll be giving you the updates on Comic Book releases, conventions and events, and so much more!

Strong or Weak for the Week

To start this weeks article, let’s chat a bit about the video games coming out! As you may have seen from my article last Friday, Strong or Weak, I highlighted the new MLB 2k13, Tomb Raider and Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk.  Today was the release of MLB 2k13, as well as Tomb Raider, and Atelier is released tomorrow! For those of you who have already picked up your copies of MLB or Tomb Raider, feel free to post some feedback in a comment!

 Screenshot from Tomb Raider (2013)mlb-2k13

Comics, Comics and Comics!

This week, we see a ton of comic book releases, as usual! From Dark Horse, we see the release of Star Wars #1 – The Dynamic Forces Alex Ross signed cover.


From DC Comics comes the Ame-Comi Girls, Issue #1 – both the DC Collectibles Photo Variant, as well as the Eduardo Francisco regular cover.


We also see the release of Green Arrow #18 and Green Lantern #18, as well as Superman #17.

Marvel Comics releases the Venom issue #32, Iron Man Issue #7, and the A+X issue #5, including the Mike Del Mundo Variant Cover.


Lastly, Ubiworkshop will release the Assassin’s Creed Encyclopedia: Second Edition. This is great, considering the relase of Assassin’s Creed IV was just announced!

This second edition has over 120 more pages of info than the first edition, as well as information from the graphic novel: Assassin’s Creed: The Chain.


This Weeks Conventions and Events!

This weekend, we have Toronto ComicCon! March 9th and 10th, the Con opens at 11am! Guests include Patrick Stewart, Sean Astin, and Laura Vandervoort! Voice Actors include Richard Cox, the voice of our favorite hanyou, Inuyasha, and Eric Vale, the voice of Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. A two-day pass is $39, while Saturday is $25 and Sunday is $20. So if you’re in the Toronto area, make sure to drop in!

Also this weekend, we have the Eastern Shore Fan Con in Maryland! Guests include the League of Hot Geeks, as well as the D20 Girls. Admission is only $10 and only $8 for those who show up in cosplay gear!

Cosplay Model of the Week


 Jessica is a 21 year old cosplayer known world-wide. Cosplaying for over 3 years, she’s done cosplays from Harley Quinn to Pikachu. She’s an all-around geek, with a fashionable edge and perky attitude. You can check her out at jessicanigriofficial.com or her Facebook page.

Want to see your favorite cosplayer as our Cosplay Model of the week? Comment! 

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in to this weeks Week In Geek! Check back next tuesday for more updates, Strong or Weak reviews, and more! Make sure you check out our other weekly posts, such as Facebook Friday!

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