Virtual Reality is Just Around the Corner

It has always been the dream of gamer to be able to be in the games they play. No longer will a controller be necessary, and a TV screen will only be for one thing, TV. Games will come to life around us, and as we swing our arms, mighty swords will smite our enemies. A well placed jump will allow us to dodge an opponent sweeping for the legs, and after a win the sweet smell of victory, and sweat, will fill our nostrils. The point is, all we have ever wanted is to live the fantasies of our heroes. Not on just an emotional level, but on a physical one as well. One day we will be able to enter this virtual reality and do just that. Amazing advancements in the last few years have made unbelievable leaps toward virtual reality gaming. These product are crazy awesome, and will definitely prove that virtual reality is just around the corner.

The Oculus Rift

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Today the largest player on the virtual reality playing field is the Oculus Rift. Already this amazing machine has the admiration of large companies, countless awards, and the hearts of gamers everywhere. What began as a Kickstarter campaign now might finally bring 3-d gaming to our homes. The machine is being produced by Oculus VR and is currently in the prototype stages, however it still looks amazing, and should be hitting the markets in the next years or so. That being said the question then arises, how does it create a virtual reality effect, and the answer to that is surprisingly simple. Inside the goggle like machine are two small screens that will display directly to one eye. On each side the screen will show a little more to one edge then they will to the other. This allows for the brain to easily put together the two images and make a fluid life like picture. Currently The Oculus Rift alone will not allow players to jump up and swing their arms to fight enemies, but it does take a huge step toward a virtual reality simulator

The Omni

The Oculus Rift is the machine that will take you into the game world and put you into the shoes of your hero. However it will be the Omni that will make those boots move. Virtuix’s Omni is the first treadmill that was created with the intent to put your real life steps, into the games you play. Long gone are the days that you will lie on the couch and lazily play your games. As their demo showed, you will be too busy running through Skyrim to do that. Furthermore, the tech behind this amazing piece of machinery is pretty simple as well. The player must wear a special shoe with grooves on it which will be caught by the several track pads surround the player. Each time the player takes a step on one of the track pads the character will move in that direction, creating a fluid and fun experience. In addition the machine is designed to be used by gamers of all weights and sizes. This piece of machinery was successfully funded on Kickstarter a few months ago, but when it does come out, in combination with the Oculus Rift, this will definitely put you into the game.



Now that your head is in the game, and your own two feet are the only means of movement you will need, there is only one piece of the puzzle missing. That last piece would be the iMotion. The iMotion is a sensory devise from Intellect Motion that allows for insanely accurate and adjustable motion sensing in video games. Unlike the other two devices, this little guy can actually be used for much more than just virtual reality. It can be used in any situation in which a sensory object is optional, like a WiiU or even apps on your phone. However, I would be lying if the virtual reality capabilities weren’t the best part of the machine. Along with the Oculus rift, or other virtual reality simulators, the iMotion becomes your hands. Finally, when a hand is swung  an accurate display of the movement will appear on the screen. All the capabilities of this technology is brought to life through a few advanced LED sensors. Completing the puzzle, the iMotion will most likely drop in the latter part of this year.

Not many people have truly realized that the next step in gaming is right around the corner, and for the ones who are looking to start a war, no I do not mean the PS4 or Xbox One. These incredible machines that were thought to be impossible as little as 10 years ago are now finding their way into our living rooms. In the next year we can expect to see a large shift in gaming. Soon we will be in a virtual world. We will no longer play as heroes, we will be our heroes.


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