Tomb Raider – Guide To Survival Episode 3

Crystal Dynamics has release the third entry of the Guide To Survival video series of their upcoming reboot title, Tomb Raider. In previous videos we saw Lara unlocking new gear to explore areas that were inaccessible for her. We also got to see how the Base Camp system and the different locations Lara will explore in her journey of becoming the badass we know and love. This time around, the video focuses on the combat aspects and the upgrades mechanic of the game. In Tomb Raider, Lara must focus on stealth in some situations where she can be outnumbered. Lara will discover an array of weapons throughout her journey where she can find parts of them scattered for upgrades throughout the island. Salvage is important because it acts as the currency of the game for Lara to purchase skills of different categories. Focusing on the Brawler skill tree, Lara can learn different techniques such as counter kills, throw dirt to blind her enemies and even stealth kills. As Lara becomes powerful and upgrades her weapon she can endure longer on the island. Check out the video below to see some dirty combat!

Tomb Raider transforms Lara Croft into a badass on March 5th,2013.


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  • Eric Hoff

    I have never gotten into Tomb Raider before, but this video draws my attention. The game looks pretty sweet.