Time to say goodbye to the Wii…or is it?

The Nintendo Wii as we all know, was the most dominant selling system of last generation. Selling over 100 million systems is no small feat, especially when your competition is Sony and Microsoft. The system was almost impossible to find the first two years on the market as every shipment that stores received was sold out before they even arrived. Families,kids,casuals, and hardcore Nintendo fans all ate it up just to experience the new way to play…motion controls. It truly was a “Revolution” as its code-name suggested. While many felt the motion controls were not as advertised, many “families” just enjoyed playing games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, Guitar Hero, Just Dance and of course Mario Kart U. Nintendo even went on to improve their motion controls later on with Wii Motion Plus to help make the experience even better. But as the system aged, games could not keep up with the conditions on the competing consoles, (Graphics,Online functions,DLC,3rd Party support) and the Wii sales began to decline. People were beginning to move on to cell phones and tablets, or 360′s and PS3′s. Nintendo even stopped making games for the console after the release of “The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword”.

Which brings us up to speed. Last year Nintendo released its follow up to the Wii…the Wii-U. The Wii-U is their next generation console that lets you use a Game-pad with a touch screen to control what goes on in the game. You can even use the Game-pad to play your games on it without the use of a T.V.. Its actually really useful once you experience it. The system is now fully HD, so the graphics are far superior to the old Wii’s and the online has been improved greatly over its predecessor as well. It has a new online application for its users called Miiverse which brings all the systems users into a place where they can communicate with each other with text,drawings and pictures within each games communities. And the system is now capable of downloading games online as well as DLC.

You may be asking yourself,”what does that have to do with the original Wii?” Well here is the thing,Nintendo has decided to stop production of the Wii in Japan and Europe. Many would say this is a good move in order for Nintendo to focus on the Wii-U, as it’s sales have been very sluggish after its launch last November. But here is where things get interesting, Nintendo of America has decided to launch the Wii Mini. Basically, its a stripped down Wii that removes features like the GameCube backwards compatibility, the online capabilities and the SD card slot. The system has a $99.99 MSRP and it comes packed with the Mario Kart Wii game, a red Wii Remote Plus controller, and red Nunchuk accessory. So basically the rest of the world is saying goodbye, but U.S.A. is launching a “newer” Wii with less capabilities. So the question to gamers is, is it time to say goodbye to the Wii? Is it time to make the next step and purchase a Wii-U? With the competition ready to release their own next generation offerings, is this truly the right time to be re-releasing and old console when you have your next gen offering already in stores that really needs attention this holiday season?

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Captain N

  • cubs223425

    Is the Wii U backwards-compatible? I’ve never thought about whether it is until now, and thought I would ask. That’s probably the top thing that would sell me on one of these things, if I ever considered getting it.

    • Grant Abbott

      yeah Wii U is 100% backwards compatible with original Wii games and accesories. However it doesn’t officially support gamecube games or accesories. Though you can hack the Wiimode and play most gamecube games (require an adaptor if you want to use your gamecube controller).