Thoughts of the Day – The Pokemon X/Y Wonder Trade Game – Part One

Earlier this week, I first brought up the idea of doing a Wonder Trade game with Pokémon X and Y. Now, its officially happening!

If you are wondering exactly what a Wonder Trade Game is, I’ve listed out the steps for how to play it yourself below!

STEP 1 — Start a game and catch six random Pokemon.
STEP 2 — Trade all six of these Pokemon through Wonder Trade.
STEP 3 — The six Pokemon you received through Wonder Trade are your new party until you beat a gym leader.
STEP 4 — When you beat a gym leader, wonder trade all 6 of your Pokemon to form a new party.
STEP 5 — Repeat this process until you beat the game.

This method of playing through the game adds some randomness to your playthrough. Will you have a strong team or will you need to do plenty of grinding? It all depends on what Pokemon you receive through the Wonder Trade!

Here’s the breakdown of my first Wonder Trade team that I will need to build up for the first gym of the game.

Lv. 8 Fennekin —> Lv. 40 Jynx
Lv. 3 Pidgey —> Lv. 1 Eevee
Lv. 3 Pidgey —> Lv. 2 Fletchling
Lv. 3 Scatterbug —> Lv. 10 Gulpin
Lv. 3 Weedle —> Lv. 5 Bunnelby
Lv. 3 Bunnelby —> Lv. 3 Scatterbug

Honestly, I can’t see having too much of an issue with this team breakdown. The first gym is a bug gym and with only two Pokémon in the Gym Leader’s party, I should be able to break right through with this team.

What’s your thoughts of doing a Wonder Trade mode? What do you think of the breakdown of my first team?

Be sure to follow along as I continue my playthrough of Wonder Trade mode!

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  • Peter Thomas

    Oh man, this is going to get ridiculous for you. Haha. Good luck, Jeff!