The Worst “Good Guys” in Gaming (Antiheroes)

The video gaming industry has some of the most amazing heroes in the entire universe. Heroes like Link, Master Chief, and Rachet have put their own issues aside to save the world from any evil aiming to destroy it. They are valiant and brave people who care about nothing else but saving the day, however these heroes vary tremendously from other types of heroes in the gaming industry. I am referring to the heroes who murder, steal, and pretty much do whatever they feel necessary to get the job done. Often they are selfish and rude, well by this time you understand I am writing about the loved, and hated, antihero. The troubled souls that have forged these antiheroes have caused a monumental shift in the industry creating a following for the heroes that kill. As a fan of the antihero I wanted to share with you  some of the worst “good guys” in gaming that I have grown to love.

Agent 47 (Hitman: Absolution)


Simply put Agent 47 kills people in many gruesome ways. This ghost was raised in Romania as part of a cloning program, and was taught to be a master with every weapon imaginable. His training was put to use by the International Contracts Agency where he was used as a hired assassin and mercenary. He stayed in this role for many of his games, but in the latest adaptation, Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 takes a larger role as a hero. He betrays his old agency to protect Victoria, a physically augmented human like 47,  from being captured. Although his intentions are slightly better in Hitman: Absolution, 47 is still a brutal killer who is willing to murder innocent people just to take their clothes. His methods of killing are also fairly grim ranging anywhere from shooting his targets in the face to burning them alive with liter fluid. In conclusion 47 is an antihero in his prime.

Joel (The Last of Us)


Changed by fungal apocalypse, Joel is a survival specialist with a very “unique” skill set. In hostile situations Joel silently maneuvers around the battlefield carefully calculating every move from the enemy to plot their evident death. Whether he is blowing out the brains of the infected with a wooden plank or a gun, Joel uses his skill to protect 14 year-old Ellie who may be the only chance for a dying world. Although his cause is noble, Joel didn’t exactly ask to become a hero, he is simply one by accident and he is not happy about it. Also, his surprising past as a killer bandit makes him darker than any player thought he would be. There is one particular scene in the game where Joel and Ellie were driving through a town when an injured man up the road limps in front of the car. Ellie claims they should stop, but Joel speeds up hitting the man who end up being part of a rouse with a group of bandits. Later, Ellie asks how he knew about their plot, and Joel answers that he has been on both sides of the situation before.

Shadow (Shadow the Hedgehog)


Basically Shadow is the angry more aggressive,dark version of Sonic. He drives motorcycles and shoots at anything that stands in his way, no matter who it may anger. He also sports a pair of rocket boots that allow him to rival the crazy, insane speed of Sonic. In addition to his aggravated state, he also has an undying hate toward Sonic, luckily he has a larger issue with the franchises biggest bady Dr. Eggman. This results in Shadow pretty much saving the world on accident; he really doesn’t mean it, he’s just helping by trying to kill Eggman. The line between villain and antihero is a bit blurry when it comes to Shadow, but we can’t help but love the dark hedgehog. After all, he is the only character in the franchise to wield guns.

Bonus Antihero Prediction: Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)


Not a lot has been presented about Watch Dogs’ protagonist Aiden Pearce, but from what we have seen from the gameplay, its pretty safe to say this is one disturbed man. This vigilante has the ability to hack into any device in the Chicago area and use it to wreak vigilante style justice upon his enemies. In the first demonstration of Watch Dogs we observed Aiden gun down a few men in an intersection, while a gas station explodes in the background. Next he shoots a man in the face and proceeds to run from the authorities. That is pretty much the definition of an antihero. Also, in various videos we have watched Aiden cause massive car accidents to avoid capture, and beat people with a baton.

Everyone loves a bad boy, and the video gaming world is no exception. The rise of the flawed heroes in recent years has shown that you can shoot enemies in the face, even as the game’s hero. They are no angels, and will never pretend to be, but the antiheroes get the job done and at any cost. Hopefully these troubled souls will continue to find their way into the video gaming world, and our hearts.


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  • Godmars

    Where’s Kratos? The mortal who destroys the world because he’s just that pissed.

  • Joe Gardiner

    Shadow is not the only character in the Sonic franchise to use guns.

    Fang the Sniper was the first. His main weapon is his trusty cork gun, which he uses in Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic The Fighters. Tails also fires an energy cannon in Sonic Battle and uses the Tornado’s guns and his mech’s guns in the Sonic Adventure games. Also from Sonic Adventure is E-102 Gamma and from Sonic Heroes is E-123 Omega. Those E-Series robots come equipped with powerful guns.