I Fear The PS4 Has Nothing to Offer

The dawn of a new generation is upon us, and the new era of consoles are preparing to battle for a spot in your living room. The WiiU dropped onto the scene last year offering gamers a very different experience, with the innovative gamepad and graphics that are more enhanced than the Wii. Also, Microsoft made a huge recovery from their unpopular DRM rules, and as a result, it increased the hype for their new Xbox. The Xbox One will come with the amazing, advanced and new Kinect and some pretty impressive exclusives.

However, there is a third contender in the heartless, “Take no Prisoners,” console war. Sony has shown and demonstrated the mighty power of the PS4, and has announced what they claim to be the best exclusives of all time. To everyone else that seems pretty amazing, but to me, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the statements and presentations from Sony. I truly hate to say it but I am fearing that the PS4 has nothing to offer.

The Specs of the Console are Nothing Special


( Information extracted from http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/PS4_vs._Xbox_One_vs._Wii_U_Comparison_Chart)

I’m not going to compare the system to a gaming computer, because simply put, consoles can’t compete with a gaming PC, on the hardware aspect. However against the Xbox One it’s not that impressive either. I did expect the specs of Sony’s toy to be a little more powerful in the aspect of hardware and the abilities that are affected by it. It shares the same level of RAM, CPU, GB storage, USB slots, and cloud storage capabilities, as the Xbox One. Although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I have just come to expect that Sony will come out with a stronger console. That was the case with the PS3 and although I never owned one, it was pretty clear that the graphics and capabilities of games are greater with the PS3. I guess simply matching their main competitor was just a little disappointing to me, especially with the large promises from the company.

Also, there is no impressive Innovation on the PS4


As proven from the above, Sony truly isn’t taking any big steps away from their competitors when it comes to the hardware involved, and it also saddens me to say I fear the same is true with the innovation side of the equation. The Xbox One sports a shiny new Kinect that is said to improve on the old Kinect’s faults. In addition, the WiiU is trying to make a huge change in the gaming community with the very charming and fun Gamepad. Unfortunately, there is nothing truly impressive with the “innovation”that Sony is trying to push on the new Dualshock 4 controller.

I’m not huge in the whole social media thing, so I instantly disregarded the new share button on the controller that will allow gamers to share events that occurred on the console with their friends, but I can see how some people would love it. What I find concerning is the small touch pad on the controller. The small pad’s abilities haven’t been outlined yet, but whatever it does will seem a little lackluster compared to the mighty screen of the Gamepad on the WiiU, and the impressive new Kinect.

PS4  exclusives aren’t that impressive

Sony exclusives

I’m not going to lie, some of my favorite video game moments and memories have come from some Playstation exclusives. Saving the universe with the unlikely duo, Ratchet and Clank, or more recently smashing in some skulls with Joel and Ellie.

However, the lineup they have provided hasn’t impressed me thus far. I understand the hype and love for the Infamous series, and the intense warfare loved by Killzone fans, but I struggle to see how they can compete with the more developed series like Halo and the Mario games. Just looking at the series, it is tough to say that the games Sony is working on aren’t going to make huge marks in the industry. Unless they improve on the classics like Ratchet and Clank, which hopefully will happen with the new game coming soon, or provide another masterpiece like the Last of Us, I’m not sure the exclusive games games will thrive, to the extent that Sony would like.

With the new generation of gaming just around the corner, I am excited to see the innovation and great games that are to come. However, one of the consoles truly concerns me. Sony’s PS4 doesn’t really have any hardware that I would consider superior from the other consoles, except maybe the Wii U. Also, I am positive that the characters in the new exclusives won’t be able to stand next to the likes of Master Chief and Mario. Lastly, an unimpressive controller gives me the impression that they tried to throw in something new that would seem flashy, and would make people want to buy their console, but with the innovation of the other consoles, I’m not convinced. Let me be clear, I’m not here to bring forth the doom of the PS4 or even to convince you not to buy one, I’m simply trying to present some concerns I have for the console. All in all, the pros of the console seem pretty promising, but I’m not sure at this stage that they will be able to counter weight the cons.


What’s your opinion on the subject?

Am I full of it?

Let me know in the comment section.

As always thanks for reading and God Bless,

Noah Martin

the author

My name is Noah Martin. I live in the blisteringly hot state of Arizona and I have been playing a plethora of different video games since I can remember. As a result, I write about many different gaming topics and situations.Make sure to check for my new articles every Monday on GameNTrain and N4G.

  • Godmars

    And what does the Xb1 do differently that the 360 doesn’t besides more power, and negative consumer policies?

    • RJ

      In short

      an updated Kinect device which all owners will have
      thus opening the door for unique developments

      PS4 and XB1 will both suffer by choosing the X86 architecture from ports
      It is much easier now to develop on PC and port to PS4 and XB1

      PS4 really should have included the camera in a bundle
      Its PSMove all over again

      • hornyflatulencia

        No.. it´s no easier just because they use x86 architecture… both system are diffrent, by a fair margin.

        XB1 = 2x memory pool (both slower than the PS4 one).. more cpu/write/read cycles?
        PS4 = 1x memory pool (faster than the light! ;) No need to waste time “caching” loading textures from harddrive to ram back and forth…

        • mawiko

          haha your right. It is harder for developers to develop with 2 memory pools. That is why PS4 is more developer friendly…people need to do research on specs if their gonna use it for their defense

  • Stephen H

    Wow, it seems you made a very blunt statement before even giving the
    system a few hours of playing time. I’m sorry but the exclusives that
    Sony comes out with are Grade AAA titles and last I checked, TLOU is
    most likely GOTY. Sony takes pride in their exclusives and that won’t
    let up with the PS4. Also, the graphics card, the processor and the
    removable hard drive(speculation) are all keys things are are way better
    than the XB1. I think you should honestly wait before giving such a
    review and stop looking like a Microsoft Fanboy, just be fair and less

    • ruefrak

      It’s not speculation. Sony confirmed the hard drive is removable.
      This article however is rubbish. Sony has yet to really show their hand on what is being offered on the PS4. They have dozens of first party games in development but have only shown a few. They have barely talked about the interface or camera. There is a lot more info that will be coming out until launch.

      • Stephen H

        I agree with you both and in all honesty, this contributor/writter/reviewer has lost all credibility in my opinion and wish never to read any of his pieces again.

  • Lord Akki

    PoS article. All you do is bash PS4, news flash douche, Xbone is even worse than this. I know you’re a Microsoft sheep and I would have leave you alone if you hadn’t post ridiculous stuff about the PS4. I also know that you’re one of those Xbot idiots that are tired of all the positive PS4 and Mark Cerny’s greatness articles. Well, stop reading all the news on PS4, then problem solved. I know it’s sad that Xbone doesn’t do good news but hey, you choose them. So, you deserve it :)

  • XtraTrstrL

    Specs of the console are pretty special actually. You have to put them in perspective though. HSA hUMA is gonna offer amazing things to next gen. The way everything communicates with each other inside the PS4 is what makes it so great.

    • Dakan45

      and yet you dont talk about HSA, just casually mention it.

  • RJ

    I totally agree with you Noah

    Though be prepared for an angry ambush of PS4 fanboys coming your way

    You have effectively pissed on their belief system
    Sad no one can speak their mind without abuse

    Now back to the PS4

    I did plan on buying both consoles at launch but you and I saw the same flaws
    PS4 only has Killzone, Knack and I believe Driveclub at launch
    Killzone has to go against 3rd party games like assassins creed, Battlefield 4, COD etc

    Knack is really a kiddy game, I mean i’m sure adults will like it but it seems like a game id let a kid play

    Driveclub looks good but it has to go against forza 5 which is tough

    I am buying a XB1 on launch but will wait until PS4 releases some good games
    I really don’t find infamous like anything special

    Keep up the posts dude

    • pooperton

      It’s funny how any measure of logical reasoning is labelled as “angry fanboyism”

      • Dakan45


        Where? I have seen none, all they do is praising sony, like it saved gaming and keep saying how the powerfull GDDR5 is gonna save the universe and act sony feeds them the same hype crap they fed them with ps3 “power of da core” and act like ps4 is gonna cure cancer and create world pc.

        • Dakan45


          ps2 was gonna be so powerfull it could create weapons of mass destruction.

          Ps2 was gonna have reallistic hair physics.

          Ps3 was gonna destroy everthing with is power of dar core and low ram was not the issue.

          But apaprently THIS TIME, just THIS TIME, ps4 is atually gonna deliver in their hype bull promises.

          Are these people seriously that dumb or have goldfish memory?

    • dimitris

      Ok now honestly there is no need of being fanboys. Anybody can pick the console they like and that doesn’t mean that the other console is not good. Xbox one has a lot of good things that are overshadowed by MS’s poor marketing plan but in my point of you they have made a lot of mistakes concerning the hardware. Mandatory kinect is a right move. Having the kinect as standart will unveil the true potential of the device. But… the rest of the hardware is messed up. The controller is nothing new but still very good. Having a big embedded ram in the APU (many millions of extra transistor), and a relative low entry GPU with DDR3 will never make it as fast as PS4. It is a Radeon 7770 (don’t say 7790 because 10% is for the system) versus Radeon 7860 (doesn’t exist, something between 7850 and 7870)… end of story. And I really doupt that MS solution is cheaper. It is a matter of choice. So the positioning of each device is like this:
      The PS4 is the ultimate gaming console with some nice multimedia features while Xbox one is a very good gaming console with the ultimate multimedia features.

      For the gaming console part another thing is the exclusives. Both have their own but till now Xbox one has the advantage (my point of view). So it is very easy to see that everything is possible. I wouldn’t be shocked if Xbox one wins this generation. If I had to pick right now I would go with the PS4′s hardware potential because MS didn’t convince me yet how the new kinect can innovate games. If they do that I don’t have a problem at all to pick the Xbox one. And don’t forget Wii U. It is a good idea but if we don’t see decent games nothing will change.

  • Bob

    You do come off as ignorant with your statements. The tidbits shown from the ps4 exclusives looked quite amazing and their console has elements that are proven to be superior. Perhaps you should stop eating the spoon fed information of Microsoft and wait for the consoles to come out so that you can prevent looking this foolish again.



  • hornyflatulencia

    - The Specs of the Console are Nothing

    it´s just about 40% stronger, technically speaking the box 1 has only 32mb vram and a slooooooow ddr3 bus for notin, while the ps4 up to 7GB at 5.5GHZ (1:1 comparison).

    - PS4 exclusives aren’t that impressive

    You only have Halo, we got tons of IP selling for 4 to $10 Mio. of copies world wide. The concensus is clear : Nintendo/Sega (Nippon) > Sony (lacks a mascot) >>>>>>>>> Microsoft.. but nobody can blame ´ya for sucking M·$ dick since 2001.. when they announced HALO1 and Bungie had to start from scratch because it was already a POS Box at launch.. same shit happen few years laters at e3 2003 with Halo 2 (PC Footage, hihi) — start from scratch to make a Box version…

    • Dakan45

      Xbox destroyed ps2 in power but ps2 won. Same case with ps3, it was more powerfull but x360 won, power aint everything.

      “a slooooooow ddr3 bus for notin,”

      Actually DDR3 is faster for cpu tasks but apparently sony is using the same treatement hypeballing as with ps3, just like they said ps3 had DA POWER OF DA CORE so low ram is not an issue, now they say DA POWER OF DA GDRR5 so low latency on the cpu is not an issue.

      • mawiko

        DDR3 is faster but it can’t handle as much graphics computaions as the PS4 lol hence the “G” in GDDR5 RAM. and PS3 is currently winning in terms of sales. AND It’s not all hype its all with the help of developers….

        • Dakan45

          They have a weak cpu, that is the point. Cerny can say that ps4 can cure cancer, but it wont change that. Apparently everyone believes them.

          PS3 beats x360 in sales after 7 years? Gee i wonder why? Low price, tons of exlusives, they played everything there is to play on the x360.

          This generation has been the longest by far. Due to development costs. Owning both consoles at this point is a posibility, where with xbox/ps2 was not.

          Sony took double the loses ms took, so ps3 did hurt them alot.

  • Mike Jones

    anyone judging either console based on what they saw at e3 is a moron….since when do launch titles represent the quality of exclusives one a console?…this is why people are sick of gaming “journalism” these days….but eh enjoy your n4g clicks you are skilled in creating a flamebait article name you at least you have that going for you

  • dont know you

    Those who are getting the PS4 knows that Sony has many many first party studios hard at work on the PS4, while MS is continuing to rely on third party titles (again).

    The PS3 shows Sonys commitment to the fans is undying, they started slow out of the gate but by the end Sony has games that crushed the competition. While MS abandon the core and went for the casual. MS isn’t giving choices for the gamer, they are shoving Kinect down the throats of the core, if they hadn’t removed the DRM policy they would be shoving that down as well.

    • zakcole

      This argument is tired as hell. Sony promised us this. We expect this from Sony bla bla bla. What have they shown us so far? It’s worrying me that people seem to be willing to rush out first day and buy a console with nothing really worth playing in spite of the “oppostion”. Blind loyalty. Microsofts E3 showing was strong when it comes to games. Sony’s was weak. The 20 exclusives, 5 of which we have seen could easily all be trash. The PS3 didn’t exactly launch with anything special now did it?

      • mawiko

        People have faith in Sony now because they cotinue to deliver as the Xbox in 2013 has been lackluster. Sony have exclusives for the PS3 even now while x360 has nothing goes to show that they continuously have exclusive cntent throughout….bith Sony and Microsoft have games to announce at Gamescom so we’ll have to wait and see.

        • zakcole

          You forget about the lacklsuter start Sony had. Consoles peak and then fall again. If you’re gonna base you’re opinion on history then you should be expecting an early win for Xbox. 360 shipped with Gears, PS3 shipped with Resistance. Need I say more?

          But wait and see? This is what I have been calling for for a while. People should make their decisions post Gamescom. I’m sure we’ll see more of the 20 games Sony has promised, but also, we’ll be able to establish if any of them are worth anything. If they are, that extra $100/£80 will definitely be going on 2 more PS4 titles…

          • mg

            The Xbox 360 did not ship with Gears, the first 6 months of the Xbox 360 were horrible then Oblivion finally came out and gave gamers something to play. The launch for the Xbox 360 included many red ring of death issues, Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo: Elements of Power, King Kong, Quake 4, Gun, Madden, and Call of Duty 2, such a killer lineup. I know because I got to experience it first hand. The Xbox 360 launched in Nov. 2005, Gears of War came out in Nov. 2006. Both systems had a very weak start so that is not a valid argument.

            As a gamer I want to play the best games so I generally stick with Sony. I own all three systems, enjoy all three, but for original titles I feel that Sony continues to put out the best games.

          • zakcole

            Just looked it up. You’re right there. What console do you use for multi plat/online?

      • Tbuba

        Sony still haven’t showed all of their games yet. But before you set me on fire for bringing this up, think back to may 21st 2013, yep the crappy Xbox one reveal. After it was all said and done, Microsoft had this same argument that all it’s surprise games were being saved for later, same with Sony, only that they’re delaying it to build up the one thing that Sony has always been good at.

        • zakcole

          Nobody jumped to swear fealty to Microsoft on an empty promise though. People waited until they actually showed games worth playing. This Sony bandwagon is ridiculous considering all they’ve had to show is some currently avaliable F2P games and The Order. Which looks great btw. I’m not even sold on the Xbox yet, or the PS4. I just think the certainty some people have that Sony’s first year games will be worth buying a $400 console is naive. $100 cheaper means nothing when you’ve got nothing to play on it. You may as well wait for the price drop and actually have some games…

  • Thomas McBrearty

    Tell me Noah…

    Have you played the PS4?
    Have you tested it’s features?
    Because I’m betting that you haven’t….
    It’s easy to sit back and point fingers at thing’s you don’t appreciate (Which by the way your doing a tremendous job at doing), but if you had the intelligence to realize that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is offering a-lot of quality in term’s of features’ game’s and entertainment you might have saved yourself the bother of writing this silly article.

    What makes me laugh the most is your tedious and quick judgement towards the PS4′s line-up….
    You do realise that ‘Gamescom 2013′ is right around the corner with many titles to be shown? OR are you quick to tell the world that these have “Nothing to Offer”.

    The way in which you write this article, constantly referring to the PS4′s ‘Not So Great Hardware’ makes me sway to believe that you are indeed in favour of another console and despise the fact that Sony’s PS4 is at the top-end. I may be wrong, perhaps your just plain obnoxious and feel that Sony should have shown everything at E3….who knows? but the fact you keep mentioning hardware inclines your insecure due to the fact of the PS4 trumping both the Xbox One, and the Wii U.

    Anyway I’ll leave you on that note, I have read far too much off your silly article to make my side’s split for a life-time.

    Have a great day ^_^

    • Dakan45

      On the other hand you have played on ps4 and tested the futures and confirmed that ps4 is gonna have the best games ever and the best graphics just like sony is crap hyping around.

      • Barrythecableguy

        Sony isn’t trying to hype anything. Microshaft is hyping the PS4 enough by themselves.

        • Dakan45

          Sony hyped stuff before hype was even invented.

  • Tulvai Chimen

    I just leave this here : http://i.imgur.com/zl10SZ0.jpg

    And this pattern will be available for next gen console. So pic your play style, it’s that easy.

  • christrules0041

    You know I wouldn’t worry much about the exclusives if you don’t like those games. If your interested in the games but they don’t look that good to you it’s still 4 months away. Drive Club’s E3 demo was 35% complete. If you seen the new screen shots for Infamous: Second Son that game does look really good. Especially since you can alternate powers from what it sounds like. Another thing is they have only shown 5 out of the 20 exclusives to ship year 1. Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Infamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886. The Order: 1886 was also a 1:1 gameplay to cinematics so the models are the same and everything so what we saw was in game graphics. Just gotta see how it plays out. Just think there is still 25 exclusives haven’t even been announced in total and 9 of them are new IP’s. Sony’s known for there exclusives and that isn’t about to change.

  • Escopablobar

    You know what? Kudos for baiting me into this article. I am not going to argue with you because this is clearly an opinion piece. Such discourse would be futile. Clearly, your conclusions are based on a blind bias and loose logic that attempt to rationalize what is most likely a longstanding preference for Xbox.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not a PS4 zealot. This is no different from an opinion article that would laud the perceived ‘advantages’ of the PS4 over its competition. In my opinion both stances are worthless. Yours is not better than mine and vice versa. There are unique and innovative things on both sides. I say let the games decide the victor and right now it is too early for that.

    • Jim Neerland

      This guy deserves a standing ovation

  • Real gamer

    Finally somebody not riding Sony dick the new Xbox will have the better exclusives,controller,3rd party support,cloud infrastructure and have all games on dedicated servers and theater mode and a second to none matchmaking system xb1>>>>>ps4

    • darthbanana94

      Sony has 30 exclusives that are being made, 20 of which will be released in the first year.
      There have been people say that the Dual Shock 4 is the best controller ever made.
      I’m guessing 3rd party support will be about equal. All the big games will be multi platform.
      The PS4 can use the cloud as well.
      Games can have dedicated servers on the PS4 too.
      The share button can share any gameplay footage you want on the fly.
      No one has tried out either of the new matchmaking systems, so no one can judge yet.

      • Guest

        The PS4 does NOT HAVE a cloud. Gaikai has about 9000 servers. Windows Azure that powers the new Xbox Live contains 600 million. There will not be distributed computing on the PS4 as $0ny cannot afford it and investors will not invest in a company with a JUNK credit rating.

        • darthbanana94

          The PS4 can use cloud. http://n4g.com/news/1283531/sony-of-course-ps4-can-do-cloud-computing
          It also helps that the PS4 is $100 cheaper.
          Also no one seems to be talking about how Microsoft is good friends with the NSA and wants to put a camera in your house

          • Guest

            Ah yes, quoting N4G. HAHAHAHAHA!

          • zakcole

            The PS4 does have a cloud but they are utilised in different ways. Gaikai is more about streaming whereas Azure will be used for cloud computing. Cloud computing has an effect on games, streaming doesn’t. Also, the comparisons with the cloud are futile. Gaikai is newly aquired by Sony. Microsoft has been building on Azure for a while. What’s more, Microsofts business is in software development as opposed to Sony’s hardware. Cloud type stuff is waht Microsoft is made for. Not to mention the fact that Microsoft have simply invested more into their cloud. Money, time. They have more servers. And I know that a lot of people will see that as an empty point (ironically, the same people that are adamant more RAM instantly means better games), in the case of server capacity, the more servers, the better service.

          • Jim Neerland

            Stating a different point, NSA surveillance, in an argument about the cloud is proof of how weak your points are. Azure is a billion dollar business heck MS spent $700 million on more servers for a data center in the US. Gaikai is cool for streaming games, yay, but Sony will not be able to rent out dedicated servers to developers cheap like Microsoft can because they simply don’t have the infrastructure.

            Why do you think Sony isn’t saying anything about this stuff? Its because it can’t be done, or its just another one of the countless features that will be launched at some point in the PS4 lifecycle, maybe.

            On the subject of NSA, toss your Android powered smartphone, delete your Facebook, don’t use your iPad because 9 companies were involved in that fiasco you tard, do some research.

        • zakcole

          That’s a lie. Xbox Live will run off 300,000 servers. I don’t know where you’re getting those numbers from.
          The source for that is Mircrosofts E3 by the way if you would like to look into it.

          • Jim Neerland

            He’s talking about azure itself not how many will specifically power Xbox Live. Only 300k of the millions they have around the globe will power it at first, but I can only imagine that number growing as the years go by.

          • mawiko

            I think the 600 milion number is wrong cause I think that would be more than amazon who are currently the leader in terms of cloud but idk I could be wrong and his number mayy be right.

      • zakcole

        20 exclusives of which we have seen 5. I understand peoples excitement for Sony because of their reputation but it doesn’t mean there going to drop 15 Last of Us’.

        I think people forget just how poor the PS3 launch was. It shipped, if I remember rightly, with Resistance. Where is that now?

        You have to look at the Xbox’s new IPs and wonder, will there be a second, a third, a forth of these? And the answer for Titanfall, Sunset OD etc is, probably. Titanfall is probably closer to certainly.

        Look at PS4′s current lineup. There’s one new IP there that looks about a dime. And that’s The Order. Will that stand the test of time? Maybe.

        Look back to the 360. I’m pretty sure that launched with GoW. Here we are, 4 games later and expecting a fifth plus a new IP from Epic this gen.

        It’s all well and good talking about Sony’s 20 exclusive promise, but we need to see what they include. Anyway, have they confirmed whether these are console or general exclusives? Because a few of them are probably the games ported from Steam ala Blacklight etc. Which, I mean… Come on…

        • gamer34

          Obviously not 20 TLOU’, but they can be good. You can’t judge The Order yet, you haven’t seen any gameplay.
          Titanfall also has the possibility to come to the PS4 eventually says the developers.
          I’m really glad Microsoft knows how to milk their franchises for everything they’re worth. GoW and Halo should have ended long ago.

          • zakcole

            I’m sure Titanfall will get to the PS4 eventually. It will go the same way as Mass Effect and Saints Row. But my point is that people are ready to buy a PS4 over an Xbox One from the current facts. Future speculation shouldn’t be enough to warrant spending $400 even if it is $100 cheaper than its counterpart.

            For people set on getting the cheaper console, I say wait. Wait until the first year games they promised come out. Wait to see if they’re worth playing. Wait to see if Kienct 2.0 really is worth it this time. Wait to see what on line service is better. That way, by the time you make your purchase, it will be even cheaper anyway…
            There’s still enough to keep you entertained for this gen.

            And I am honestly interested in The Order but I’d say Sunset has more chance of franchise success than that. I don’t know though obviously. That point is just pure speculation. I just feel like The Order, as good as it LOOKS, it is just that. A presentation of the PS4s power. Much like Ryse for the One.

        • Dakan45

          Good post. Also vita had poor launch and both ps2 and ps3 were filled with hype lies.

          • zakcole

            Vita didn’t HAVE a poor launch. Vita HAS a poor launch. Almost 2 years is way to long for a console to still not have picked up Steam. I think Sony are hoping that cross play will generate sales on either side when in reality, it won’t change much at all. Nobody is going to buy a PS4 just because they want the Vita. In fact, as it stands, nobody is going to but the Vita full stop.

    • Darrius

      I don’t that the Xbone will have better exclusives. “Better” exclusives is a subjective measure anyway. I may like this set of exclusive games and the next person may like a different set of games.

      What is not subjective though it the number of first and second party studios that make these games. Sony has many more first and second party studios than Microsoft has. That is going to give the PS4 more exclusive games than the Xbone has. More exclusive games means more AAA exclusive games, which gives the PS4 will have more chances to have better games.

  • Guest

    You are absolutely right!

    Xbox One games also won the most awards at E3, not the PS4 ones.

    The Xbox One also has many more features than the PS4 that appeal to a much wider target audience than the petty entitled group of core gamers that the PS4 only caters to.

    You are definitely not full of it. The ones here saying that you are, are the blind lemmings of the $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard kind, who will follow Sony down to hell after they jump off the cliff. And yes, they are paupers through and through, as they are all even poorer in their mind than they are in their wallets.

    • mawiko

      Only titanfall and forza really won prizes -__-

  • Kowit Laison


    PS4 has more 33% GPU excution resources than XB1, more memory bandwith and don’t have to play with STATIC RAM means simpler to program.

    that is not ” a little more powerful” to me

    • Guest

      Load balancing on the Xbox One is done automatically in the compiler, much like it is on the Xbox 360.

  • Rich Hutnik

    Unless one is gungho about the ONE’s exclusives, or MUST have the camera, I don’t see what would be of interest regarding the XB1 either. The XB1 and PS4 are very similar, except the XB1 is $100 more expensive, and is technical inferior. So, I can see people wanting to pass, but unless you go with the exclusives and Kinect reasons, I see NO reasons to pick the XB1 over the PS4.

    • Guest

      Feature wise the Xbox One is a more appealing package and appeals to a much wider audience than the PS4.

  • brianc6234

    Not for me.

    • Guest

      Poor pauper, your intelligence is typical of the $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard brigade.

  • Ty

    I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased in their stories they post? This is not unbiased at all. You claim PS4 has no innovations making it stand out from the others, like Sony just threw flashy stuff in, hoping to get sales. What has Xbox One done to make their hardware innovative and unique from PS4 or Wii U to make customers buy it? Their controller looks the same as 360, they just put the menu buttons in different spots. They had to change their own DRM and used games policies to match Sony’s a week after E3 because of such negative fan feedback! Should I continue with the cons I found in One? Granted, I’m not trying to take anything away from One; it’s an impressive console, but so is PS4. Now, PS4 is not an absolutely perfect console either, as it has it’s cons as well, but don’t post an article claiming PS4 is not impressive at all. Both consoles are impressive in their own right. It will come down to what the consumer(s) want when they release.

    • Dakan45

      Exactly ps4 is fine, but fanboys act like its the savior of the universe, AS IF sony does not overyhype and dissapoint.

      • Ty

        Every company overhypes their product, it’s just the name of the game for marketing to get sales. I will admit that I’m more partial to PlayStation than to Xbox personally (already have my PS4 paid off, working on Xbox One now), but as someone who is getting into a career of developing video games, I don’t have the luxury of being biased when reviewing or researching information. I have to keep on the fence and look into facts, not write an article based on my opinions. This article is just poor reporting, period.

        • Dakan45

          As someone who has seen all that hype trash, sony is full of lies when it comes to marketing, they overhype more than anyone else. There are ton of things that they lied and did not deliver.

          If they stopped lying and just get the system outhere, it will be fine. I got tired of reading crap how the ps4 will crush everythign with its architecture and it will somehow be more powerfull than a high end pc for such a low price and it will last for many years near cgi visuals.

          Wait, thats dejavu, where did i heard that before? Oh wait, thats what they said with ps3.

          And the dumb fanboys believe em. Sony is basicly make believe at this point.

  • Dan Harvey

    You clearly don’t understand the PS4s specs if you think it has the same as the XB1.
    Look around, most people are agreeing that the PS4s specs equate to it being 50% more powerful than the XB1.
    The HDD in the PS4 can be upgraded as the PS3s could – the XB1 can’t.
    PS4 – 8GB 5500Mhz GDDR5
    XB1 – 8GB 2133MHz DDR3
    GPU Cores
    PS4 – 1152
    XB1 – 768
    Peak Shader Throughput
    PS4 – 1.84 TFlops
    XB1 – 1.23 TFlops
    System Memory Bandwidth
    PS4 – 176.0 GB/s
    XB1 – 68.3 GB/s

    The touchpad, is an additional input device – if you play games on the Vita you will get an idea of how it’s being used. It has 2 points of recognition at a 1920×900 resolution, and is also clickable like the analog sticks.

    You didn’t mention the PS4s camera, which has 2 1280×800 resolution cameras and 4 microphones. This combined with the controller allows for much more interactions.

    Games wise is all opinion – i feel that Halo is overdone now and is just boring, similarly with Mario, I’ve not played one of his new games for generations…Sony have only announced a few exclusives thus far, with apparently over 100 games in development, 30 games to be released in the first year, with 20 new IPs and 14 exclusives.

    • Guest

      Incorrect on the RAM: Xbox One actually can use DDR3 and eSRAM in parallel, coming up to 192GB/s (higher than PS4, but it requires use of the automatic load balancer, like it did on the Xbox 360).
      The touch pad won’t be used much. It’s too small and imprecise without any proper feedback. It’s going to be what Sixasis was with the DS3.
      The PS Camera won’t be used much either, now that it isn’t bundled. It will be like PS move all over again, ergo an EPIC FAIL!

      • mawiko

        It actally calculates up to 166GB/s buddy because it is only 32mb of esRAM and the touch pad replaces the start button actually because it is clickable…..and Sony are giving people the choice to play motion games or not. They are not forcing you to spend extra money on something like kinect if you dont want it…freedom to the consumer

    • dirkradke

      Until we see and play actual games your specs mean nothing. It was like this last gen between 360 & PS3 and I never noticed a real difference in either exclusives being better on either console (ex: GT5 or Forza 4).

  • Ark

    I adventured reading your post HOPING to actually read something smart, reflective, fair and unbiased. I only found a writer trying to mislead his ideas into showing them as fair but realistically not… go back to college or something

  • Dicknuts

    I’m gonna phrase it so your feeble Xbot mind will understand.

    The majority of people don’t want Microsoft to have an always-on camera in their living rooms, Microsoft has been proven time and time again to sell you out if they can make money off it – the fact that you bend over and take it make you a pretty insufficient human being.

    Also, following in the Xbot theme – “Developers, developers, developers,developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers” Of which Sony has plenty and Microsoft hath not.

    • Guest

      Your paupermind can’t phrase anything properly. Just like all you other N4Gtards blindly following $0ny PauperStation to their doom.

  • pooperton

    You are full of it.

  • Dakan45

    Well there isnt much of a choice, Ms are being total control freaks and offer a weaker console for a higher price. So you either get a ps4 or upgrade your pc.

  • Bob

    Innovation for innovation’s sake is not always a good thing to do. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. True gamers know that Kinect sucks and the 2nd screen in the Wii U gamepad is just a gimmick. I don’t see how being good at what you’ve been doing is “nothing to offer”.

  • walkincarpet

    100% agree with you. My best memory from PS3 was Demon Souls. Uncharted 2nd. I play a lot of multiplayer as well and naturally Xbox live and the xbox controller make Xbox king of multiplayer before we even discuss the games. In terms of games, Sony’s multiplayer exclusive are b games compared to xbox exclusives. Now add cloud and a dedicated & advanced Kinect to the mix and you are seeing the gap between Sony and MS widen even further. It won’t take Sony gamers long to figure out they are just playing PS3 with better graphics.

  • Guest

    Its funny how all the Xbox Fan boys grow a pair, once the DRM policies change.

    • Guest

      It’s even funnier that $0ny PauperStation N4Gtards can’t beat them now that they have.

  • Jason Mounce

    One can’t say the PS4 exclusives don’t look impressive while ignoring what the competition argues as a contrast. You’re saying games like ‘Ryse’ beats all PS4 exclusives? Where the competition lacks, one alone will be doing something better at. To give minimal praise to PS4 is just so abnormally irregular and irrational.

  • xbox_gamer

    Sony has done this before, I guess no one remembers 2005/6.” Ps3 is the most powerful system ever. Its graphics are ten times better than 360/wii. We will be the entertainment hub of ur living room. move controller is true 1/1″. but alas Ps3 is # 3 in sells and clones everyone else. From day one the online sucked and almost everygame needed patched. I have a ps3 but it still is not what sony promised.

    • John Jairo

      This place says something different… Xbox is #3. Sony sold more PS3 than X360.



      • xbox_gamer

        Sony has made more losing systems than anyone. psp.psgo and ps3, ps3fat, all phones than had psn built in, hacked psn, and only a few % below the xbox rrd. My first ps3 was cracking my disks.

    • Dakan45

      The sony fanboys have goldfish memory. They also said ps2 is so powerfull it can be used to make weapons of mass destruction and check this out


      • EXPC

        Powerful*………… You seem like a plague or a modern digital caries. You are everywhere… go back to your Pe_o Club where you belong.

  • dirkradke

    I can see where the author is coming from for the most part. The PS3 had Blu-Ray, higher hardware specs than it’s main competitor the 360, could install LINUX in the beginning, @HOME project possibilities, and a mouse & keyboard. Next generation PS4 most of that is expected to return, but it’s hardly innovative and much of the same things will be done with the X-Box One. So while the Microsoft has turned back on crap DRM policies it feels like with all the PS4 is offering it is merely holding the line with a slightly more innovative controller scheme. However, I look at the X-Box One controller and still feel it’s superior. Time and actual experience will tell of course if that is true. I am NOT saying which is superior because I don’t know, but the examples given here are why I can see where the author is coming from and not meant to say the X-Box one is better/worse than the PS4.

  • clearwoodbellawater

    this article takes a very general overview w.o any of the specifics that this kind of argument warrants….to say that the ps4 & xbox one are identical in specs is just not true….beyond the fact that ps4 sports a superior ram in the gddr5, microsoft has only devoted i believe 3-5 gigs of ram to gaming, with the rest split equally between the kinect and the os….this is a difference that might not mean much in the early goings (although some developers are saying otherwise, that the difference between the two consoles is already noticeable) but in the long run, that extra power will lead to what it lead to this generation: amazing looking & playing exclusives that will release long into the systems life, unlike the 360 which has seen very few exclusive games release the past couple of years….to me this just shows the consumer support that sony has vs. the lack in microsoft’s arena….beyond that you are claiming there are only going to be 3 launch titles far too early in the running….beyond the fact that you are completely ignoring a litany of indie titles, we still don’t know the full launch lineup of either system, since both developers are on record saying they have more announcements for the rest of the year at events like gamescom….the difference is that it seems like microsoft might have blown their load at e3 in order to help make the drm issues less of a bitter pill to swallow….of those exclusives, none really interest me personally, dead rising being the only one i would be remotely interested in playing, but zombie games have already been perfected in the last of us, so dead rising just pales in comparison to me at this point…as far as innovation, you can’t just say that the share functions aren’t innovative simply because you don’t like them…also, what companies call “innovations” gamers have historically found to be “gimmicks” so tell me again how great the new kinect will be? I mean the same people that secretly couldn’t care less about the kinect this gen are touting it as some huge feature this gen that they are so excited to try, but ultimately it’s the difference between the original wii remote and the motion plus peripheral: it still leaves you flailing around your living room like an idiot….i’d personally need some hard proof that this thing is gonna be as great as microsoft has claimed it will be, because i just don’t see it, and i’m glad that sony didn’t force the eye on consumers, because regardless of how many strides have been made in the motion arena, it’s still a gimmick that doesn’t beat the traditional controller in my eyes….beyond that, sony has variety in their exclusives, while microsoft seem to be sticking to their multiplayer shooters and the same “exclusives” that end up on the ps a year or two later….no offense to anyone who prefers microsoft, i hope that everyone has a great gaming experience next gen, but as consumers we shouldn’t have brand or corporate allegiances, only developer and games allegiances….to me this gen looks just like the last did in that microsoft is the place to be for online multiplayer, sony is the place to be for practically everything else

  • majora


  • tomdville

    dude if you’re going to write a topic atleast do some research playsttion specs is nothing special but yet it can wipe the floor with you’re Wii u, dude are you serious is he serious please talk about fanboy i love how the xbots love to first point fingers at fanboys when they them selves are fanboy nice logic

  • Kevin McClintock

    Ps4 for me thanks.

  • Gibby

    I so far like the Wii U controller better : )

  • Xis That Kid

    I entirely understand what this person is saying. like I feel the exact same about MS and Halo and stuff I’ve been done with that series since 2 and I def don’t feel this need to love Mario games because he’s been grafted into my childhood I honestly do not like most of Nintendo’s games they just aren’t for me

  • Shadowno

    As one of the rare unbiased gamers out there, I can’t say the PS4 has “nothing to offer”. I think the biggest mistake, however, is bringing the Wii U into the equation. I honestly feel like the Wii U was playing catch up. It’s not that much more impressive than the PS3 or Xbox 360 (if it’s more impressive at all). I will say that XB1′s move to Blu-Ray trumped Sony’s biggest advantage last generation, but I still think it’s up in the air. When it comes down to it, the people who liked the PS3 will buy the PS4, the people who liked the 360, will buy the 360, and the people that used both consoles will probably buy both once again. I honestly plan on following my current pattern, of buy all non exclusives for the Playstation.

  • steelmanneristard

    serious question,has the writer gone full potato on us? the gpu is 50% stronger and the ps4 has 2GB more ram for games than the xbone.. also a more stronger cpu due to the fact the o.s uses a decent chunk of it… also infamous/killzone already look gorgeous for early looking first gen games… so doesnt the order 1866 looked insane… not to mention xbox has always had halo and we’re did that get them besides 2nd place and last place in the last 2 console wars????? mario didnt help the gamecube and n64 that much,and ps3 is gaining on the wii…… pre orders aren’t doing so well for the xone ANYWHERE… plus you seen absolutely noting from media molecule/naughty dog/santa monica ect ect.. you think they retired… forza wont be battling driveclub,they will adventually get hammered by gran turismo soon enough in quality and sales…and theres a reason why multiplat games we’re first shown on the ps4,the division/destiny/watch dogs ect. they wanted their games to look and run top notch

    • Guest

      The baked potato is you and the rest of the pauperfanboys from N4G. Content sells consoles and the most powerful console has never its generation.

      • XJaVeNX

        You’re right…content sells consoles. That would explain why the ps3 has sold more consoles worldwide than the 360 with a year shorter lifespan…the ps3 had better exclusives in the long run than the 360…the ps4 will have the same exclusive franchises and will undoubtedly add more new exclusive IPs. The article, honestly, is quite ignorant to be basing anything off of a release day lineup that is still months away.

  • unclesam

    Don’t listen to the pathetic little PC trolls below, I’ve played Crysis 3 on a high end PC and saw Killzone running in the flesh on a PS4 at PAX. Killzone looked BETTER, and game played fantastically with the new PS4 controller.


    • Matthew Anderson

      I have both a PS4 and a gaming pc. From the sounds of it either your eyes aren’t trained, are blind, or just ignorant. You should learn what draw distance is, anti aliasing, texture resolution, field of depth, and various other things to realize how clueless you really are.


    Ever consider that gamers might not want to get up and dance around their living room to play a game, or hold a tablet to play a game?
    Perhaps Sony simply refined their system (camera,controller, prprocessing abilities), made it easier for developers (compared to ps3 and Xbox one), and stayed true to gamers hopes:
    Creating a console designed for gamers.
    There are so many things MS are throwing down your throat with the XBO (always on camera, internet activation, media server) that it’s hard to think if your actually buying a game console or something that ‘can’ play games.
    I was a massive Xbox fan boy, but MS lost me when they tried to tell me what ‘I want’ in a system.

  • EXPC


    100% more ROP
    up to 50% overal more “power” (GDDR5, extra ACE “units” for GPGPU, more than extra 500gflops RAW gpu Power)
    Removable HD
    Nintendo FP > Sony FP >>>>> Mircosoft (only has Halo)

    Its cheaper, stronger, has better support, it´s easier to work for, better games (except no halo) and does everything what the other console does (except for that pointless HDMI in).

    The real war starts 2014.

  • Daath Gnosis