The Magic of Disney: Five Classic Disney Games That Need Remastered

We all know Disney has been responsible for some great franchises. Many of these hit animated movies or cult classic cartoons have been turned into some great video games over the years. But with games like Kingdom Hearts and Epic Mickey, many of these cartoon series have never seen an original game made for the modern generation of consoles.

Until now. Check out the trailer below to see what I mean…

I feel this is one of the most exciting announcements of the year. A true Duck Dynasty is returning to our television sets as we get set for the return of Duck Tales.

Shut up and take my money

But really, if Duck Tales Remastered can be re-released, a great cartoon with an incredible game, then who knows how many other Disney characters will get the Remastered treatment.

Here is my list of classic game titles from Disney that deserve a re-release.



The Little Mermaid Video Game5. The Little Mermaid

Every little boy remembers their first cartoon crush as Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Many adults will deny it now, saying there is no way they could have a crush on a cartoon.

C’mon guys… There’s no sense denying it!

But while many people will herald the animated classic that is the Little Mermaid, not as many people know about the NES classic that is the Little Mermaid.

This game was surprisingly good, with a fun battle system, decent bosses and great controls for a Nintendo game. More importantly, it was a Nintendo game where being underwater meant you didn’t die. THAT RARELY HAPPENED IN THE DAYS OF THE NINTENDO.

My train of thought is bringing this game back for a modern audience, you would need to include some additions from modern games. Think about the Atlantica levels from the Kingdom Heart games and build the levels around that sort of build.

Above all else, The Little Mermaid is a coming of age story about a teenage girl exploring this unknown world. Give The Little Mermaid the Fallout treatment and let us explore this huge, underwater region for ourselves.

Just don’t include Cthulu in those watery depths. Less Lovecraftian nightmares for kids that way.


Sweet dreams…



Talespin Video Game4. Talespin

Does anybody else remember the adventures of Baloo the Bear?

I’m not talking about his adventures with Mogli in the Jungle Book, I’m talking about when Baloo got the full disney treatment and was a pilot of a sea plane, fighting against sky pirates and corrupt executives.

That’s basically the story of Talespin in a nut shell and there was actually a game about it released for the Nintendo.

Despite this game being Nintendo hard, it was a lot of fun! Colourful backgrounds, decent music, fun boss fights, all packaged together in a decent game starring a bear that pilots a plane. Why not bring this game back?

Think about the shoot-em’up genre today. Colourful graphics as you pilot your spaceship through an insane wall of bullets that could sink 10,000 ships. Sounds like a Disney cartoon doesn’t it?

What is this? I don't even know!

What is this? I don’t even know!

Think about it, take Talespin, throw it into a Bullet Hell style shoot’em up, and throw some cartoon logic into the mix to give your one plane an added edge against the hail of bullets.

To me, a game like that would be insanely addictive and totally doable!



Chip and Dale3. Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers

This is a Nintendo game that I sadly never owned. I only played it as a rental and would love to have the chance to play it again.

This game was unique, in that you could choose levels to play via a map of locations all throughout town, similar to the map level select screen seen in Bionic Commando. It also had two player cooperative play, which was unheard of at the time unless you were playing as a commando blowing up aliens and enemy bases.

Here, less of a focus on blowing things up, but still pretty awesome.

One of the only problem with this game was that it was really short… Something that could easily be remedied if they were to release a remastered version of the game. Not only that, but with four player games more and more common nowadays, let us play as all four of the main Rescue Ranger characters; Chip, Dale, Gadget and Monterey Jack.

Zipper from Chip and Dale

Zipper doesn’t count… Seriously, who would want to play as a fly?



Darkwing Duck Video Game2. Darkwing Duck

Everyone remembers Darkwing Duck… and if you don’t, then you didn’t have a childhood or you were raised in a pod. One or the other.

But the ‘Terror That Flaps in the Night’ was also the star of a great NES game, that played similarly to a Mega Man game.

In fact, if it didn’t star Darkwing Duck, this probably COULD HAVE BEEN a Mega Man game!  It was built off of the Mega Man 5 game engine and featured large levels, unique enemies, bosses that were fun to fight against that were actually from the show. This game really did have it all!

My train of thought is why not release a remastered version of Darkwing Duck similar to the likes of Mega Man 9 or Mega Man 10? Release Darkwing Duck Remastered as a digital download only with retro style graphics and throw in some additional modes, like a Boss Rush mode or a series of timed challenges to test players.

Or if you want to have some extra fun with it… Make a game for Darkwing Duck just like a game made for its source material. I’m talking about Batman: Arkham City! Imagine a cel-shaded version of Arkham City, based around the Darkwing Duck universe….

Batman Arkham City

Now add less fists and more ducks…

Really, as long as I have an excuse to sing the Darkwing Duck theme song, I’m happy!



 Gargoyles_game_cover1. Gargoyles

This one is a no-brainer. Gargoyles created as a modern-day game would ROCK!

Surprisingly, this game was only released on the Sega Genesis and never made it to the Super Nintendo. Even more surprisingly, Goliath and Demona were the only named characters recognized as part of the story through this game. This needs to be corrected.

Gargoyles had such a rich cast of characters, an amazingly dark, continuous storyline that was unheard of for Disney at the time and had so much potential for a video game.

My train of thought for Gargoyles is to create a cel-shaded action-RPG. Let us play as all of the main Gargoyles cast, bring in all of the different enemy factions that appear in the cartoon and above all, give us voice acting!

Gargoyles had an unbelievable cast of actors who were involved in its production. Many of them hailed from Star Trek: The Next Generation and from what I can tell, all of them are still actively involved in the convention circuit today. It would not be hard to gather the remnants of this cast

And of course, no Gargoyles game would be complete without the amazing voice of Keith David as Goliath.

And the fandom rejoices!

And the fandom rejoices!

Developers, what are you waiting for! Make this game now!

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