The more details that are released about this game, the more impressive it looks. New details have popped up on the Internet on what we can further look forward to from this awesome game.

In Skyrim there will be new magic in the game called Dragon Shouts. Whenever you kill a dragon in the game you will get its soul which allows you read runes that you find scattered across the land. Once you decipher the ruins, you will have access to the Dragon Shouts that are different to usual magic spells. These Dragon Shouts will allow you to do magic like teleport or do a force push. In the original trailer we saw glimpses of these ruins like this image below. Deciphering this code could also be some sort of puzzle too.

Also making a return to Skyrim will be Enchantment, this was an ability you could achieve in Oblivion once you were granted access to the Mages Guild. Enchantment will allow you to infuse any weapon with any spell effect you already know to make it more powerful, spells such as Invisibility or even the ability to breathe under water.

Enchantment will also work with any accessories you own, be it a shield or a necklace. The only way you could Enchant an item in Oblivion was with the captured souls of fallen enemies which you stored in soul gems. This could be where the souls of slain Dragons would also be useful in Skyrim!

More details have also been confirmed about the ‘Radiant Storytelling system’. This basically is a game changing addition depending on your style of play. As you play through Skyrim, all your actions will have a affect on the game and the Radiant AI will adjust the quest/story to suit your play style so you get the best possible experience. This will make every play through of this game unique to the player.

Skyrim is scheduled for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and Pc this November 11th 2011.

  • Yusuf

    minor problem with your statement you could also use the stones removed from oblivion realms to close a gate to enchant items

  • Mr. Obscure

    lol N4G comments are gold.

    • Eric Hoff

      You got to love em!

  • Chauvez

    This news has been out for pretty long…

    • Mr. Obscure

      We are just reminding you. :)

  • sab

    I never used to play these types of games until a buddy of mine insisted I get Oblivion. Over 1000 hours later, I guess you could say I’m hooked.

  • Nelsonox

    I hope they’ll get rid of instant teleport everywhere and opponent’s level adjusting to your level. This broke the previous game for me.

    • lawbarb

      Skyrim’s leveling system will mimic F3′s system. Which is unfortunate because Morrowind had it right, but they are trying to tailor to a larger audience and it’s understandable.

      • Mr. Obscure

        Lol. I saw that you posted and had to say something smart assed…like Aggies suck…there I said it.

  • Streaks

    Matching monsters to your level was disasterous. It makes your level completely obsolete. Your level, in effect, is always zero. Level ONLY represented loot quality. A bad move.

    This Radiant thing sounds like more of that kind of logic. I don’t want the world to adjust to me otherwise it won’t feel real at all. These games make you feel like the center of the world instead of someone in it, which is devastating to realism.

    “Hi. I don’t know you, have never met or even heard of you, but would you mind doing this arbitrary task for me?” To me, getting rid of that mentality is way more important than graphics techs etc.

    To be honest, I think I’ll like Skyrim but only persue the main plot-line and cheat my arse of the whole time because the mechanics are prolly gonna be unimmersive. ;/

  • George A

    damn man i still need to play oblivion this summer before this comes out.

    • Mr. Obscure