Fan of Seth McFarland, Mark Wahlberg, Family Guy, and foul mouthed teddy bears? Then you might want to go see Ted. This cute and funny looking movie is definitely not for kids. Ted is filled with crude humor, sexual content, and of course drugs. So be sure to leave the kids at home. If you’ve ever watched Family Guy or American Dad, then you know the kind of humor Seth McFarland dishes out. He did not hold back in his first live action CG animated movie. He cracked out jokes practically every minute leaving no room for a dull moment. Ted was a very popular movie this past weekend. It sold out every show opening night. The theater was packed when we went at 10pm that night. If we wouldn’t have shown up early to wait in line we wouldn’t have gotten to sit together. Magic Mike opened the same night and ladies were gathering in a huge pack to see that movie. But Ted was still #1 in the box office this weekend bringing in $54 million.

Ted is a hilarious trip into a John Bennet’s life who grew up with his best friend Ted, a teddy bear who came to life as a result of a childhood wish he made. He spends most of his time with Ted smoking pot and just hanging out. When John’s girlfriend Lori of 4 years wants him to give up his bachelor type life and grow up and be a responsible, successful man. He starts to turn his life around and gets challenged with situations that makes it hard for him to lead a new life. John gets a panicked phone call from Ted one evening and is led on a chase to save his long time pal or never get to see him again. The movie comes together with some hilarious scenes of parties, jokes, and lewd content that will tickle your funny bone to the brink. I give the story a 3/5 stars. Great delivery and perfect build up. Multiple moments of spontaneous comedy.

The movie stars Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Seth McFarland, Patrick Warburton, Giovanni Ribisi, Sam Jones, and small appearances but Alex Borstein, Tom Skerritt, Ryan Reynolds, Ralph Garman, and Norah Jones. Ted is narrated by Patrick Stewart. Such a great cast for this kind of movie. I give the choice of cast a 3/5. But as a Family Guy fan, I would have loved for a small role for Adam West.

All in all I give the movie a 5/5. I found the entire movie to be exciting and fun. It really delivered. Seth McFarland did a great job with his first live action movie and I hope this will not be his last.

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    I’m kind of scared to see this movie.