Strong or Weak for the Week: The Last of Us, Fireburst

Welcome Back to Strong or Weak for the Week!

I hope you’ve all had a great week so far! So much excitement has been going on with E3, the new consoles, and so much more! Now, it’s time to get back to what’s happening now!

New Super Luigi U

Consoles: Wii U


New Super Luigi U is an add-on pack for the Super Mario Bros U. This time, it contains over 80 new levels, built just for Luigi! Of course, you can switch back to Super Mario Bros, or play Luigi style, but this add-on features original levels built just for Luigi, and so much more! Word has it, that most of the stages have a 100 second timer, so you better get to it!

Being a huge Nintendo fan, as well as a HUGE Super Mario Bros fan, I’d have to give this game a STRONG vote!



Consoles: PS3, Xbox 360, Mac, PC


Fireburst is an action-packed racing game that brings you intensely close to the racing world. Choosing your course from dirt and rocky terrain, to sliding on the slick pavement, you race against players and use fire as a tool to win. What does that mean? That means, you can make fire a protective shield around your car, or you can even use it to blow up your rivals!

With that said, although this game seems like a lot of fun, it doesn’t seem to compare to a lot of the other racing games out there. For that reason, I’m giving Fireburst the WEAK vote.


The Last of Us

Consoles: PS3

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an intense, action-packed game that puts you into an Earth being run down by a modern plague, of sorts. Cities abandoned, people turned against each other in search of food or shelter, and the fight for survival. This game is about Joel and Ellie (played by Ellen Paige), and their fight for survival.

This game seems like an epic way to bring forth the topic of plagues versus zombies, and how to survive in such an apocalypse. The Last of Us is definitely a game worth playing, and definitely deserves a STRONG vote.


Well guys, there you have it! Strong or Weak for the Week will be back next week with more awesome games!! Catch you later :) ~Erin

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