Excuse the obvious Highlander reference, but it would seem that the latest Skyrim DLC is going to provide us with front row tickets for some Dragonborn versus Dragonborn action, courtesy of the lovely peeps at Bethesda. With the Dovahkiin serving his purpose and fulfilling his destiny in the main quest line of Skyrim, it seems that our good ol’ protagonist has nothing better to do than go and destroy the only person who is as powerful and as unique!

Personally speaking, I cannot wait for a return to Vvardenfell. I couldn’t help but spot Bonemould armour in the trailer, as well as other little blasts from the past, and I’m really looking forward to a long overdue HD re-imagining of the world that we fell in love with whilst playing Morrowind all those years ago. Now, over a year since the release of Skyrim, you can still extend the game’s playability with this slice of amazing DLC goodness. I highly recommend that you all do so! If you’re still not convinced then look very closely at the following picture…

Nuff said. You can download Dragonborn for 1600 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live. Do it. Do it now.

Toodle pip!

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