Skyrim: Dawnguard now available for PS3

As featured in last week’s ‘Strong or Weak for the Week‘, Dawnguard is now available to download for the PS3. This is the latest piece of DLC to be released for Skyrim on the PS3 and follows months of hard work from Bethesda to get the content released, not to mention quite a lot of criticism from disgruntled PlayStation owning Skyrim fans. After covering the release of this content on the Xbox 360 back in June last year, I thought it’d only be right to cover this momentous occasion for the PlayStation 3 too!

Dawnguard allows the player to take the role of either Vampire or Vampire Hunter, with the added spice of becoming a Vampire Lord emerging as a new tool at your disposal. There are added skills and perk trees for both Werewolves and Vampires too, which add the sense of a levelling up and progression system to you whilst you’re in your chosen beast form. Will you emerge from this experience with your conscience intact, basking defiantly in the glow of your Saintly aura? Or will you descend into darkness and make the wrong decisions that feel oh so right? With Dawnguard, that choice is yours…

Dawnguard has hit the PlayStation Network stores in Europe at a whopping 50% off today, so get yours cheaply while you still can!

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