Your body is an experiment, and you are the scientist.  Everyone has different body styles, and if everyone was built the same we’d have weight lifting figured out.  What I mean by your body is an experiment is that in order to know what works for you, taking a different approach than others can be key.  Muscle confusion is how we go about building mass.  The muscles are confused when you try something new in the gym.  Food for the body works somewhat in the same sense.  If you eat the same things 7 days a week your body will adapt.  Yes, you will lose weight, but you may not lose what you are aiming for.  You can lose X amount of pounds, but eventually it will get harder because, like weight lifting, we need to confuse the body.  For example, you eat meat, rice, veggies 3 times a day.  Substitute one of those for a BCAA, and water shake with a whole sweet potato.  Your body may feel more energized.  Remember your body is an experiment, so see what works for you, and have fun doing it!

TIP OF THE WEEK:  Don’t do it because others do it, do what works for you.  Remember everyone’s body is different.




Straight Bar Curl (shoulder width)

  • 4 sets 8-12, last one burn out

Alternating One Arm DB Preacher Curl

  • 4 sets 8-12, last one burn out


  • 3 sets of 25, 30 second rest between sets

Overhead Straight Bar Pushdown

  • 3 sets of 25, 30 second rest btwn sets

One Arm Cable Kickback

  • 4 sets 0f 20, 30 second rest btwn sets



Pull-ups wide

  • 4 sets of 12

Lateral Pulldowns

  • 4 sets 8-12

Close Grip Pulldowns

  • 4 sets 8-12

One Arm Seated Rows

  • 4 sets 8-12



Leg Extension (2-3 warm-up set of 25, get blood in the knees)

Leg Press (feet wide)

  • 4 sets 8-12

Seated Leg Curls

  • 4 sets 8-12

Straight Leg Dead Lift

  • 4 sets 8-12




Military Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

DB Military Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

Barbell Shrug

  • 4 sets 8-12

DB Side Raises

  • 3 sets 15, 12, 8, and drop set after 8 to get 25 total




DB Incline Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

Bench Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

Smith Machine Incline Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

Pec-Dec Machine

  • 3 sets 8-12






the author

Joey is the fitness lover, MMA enthusiast who you can count on to contribute his weekly Size With Style post every Thursday, pointing you in the right direction toward a healthier lifestyle.