This week I would like to talk about adding pounds.  It is very hard for me to gain weight, but I’m working hard to do so.  I have incorporated more protein in my diet.  My meals have changed slightly, and I am eating larger portions.  First thing in the morning I make a protein shake, and 30 minutes later I eat breakfast.  It usually consists of eggs, turkey bacon, and Ezekiel bread.  For this week my next two meals are fish, rice, and zucchini.  By the time I have consumed these 3 meals I am fueled up for the gym.  I started to add a liquid carbohydrate that I drink throughout my workout.  This is usually some blended fruits with protein powder.  The reason we want liquid carbohydrates during our workout is to help refuel, and feed our muscles.  Once my workout is complete I drink a protein shake with BCAA, protein, and water.  You want to wait about 30 minutes after your shake to eat, and that will be your last whole foods meal.  I like to eat a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli.  There is a full serving of vegetables, and it’s loaded with good fats, carbohydrates, and protein!  Perfect for a post workout meal.  If you are a larger person, and feel this isn’t enough simply add a slice of bread for more fiber, and carbohydrates.  My final meal before bed consists of Almond milk, and a scoop of protein.  I only recommend this to anyone looking add pounds.  Enjoy, and good luck!


TIP OF THE WEEK:  Eat when your body tells you too!







  • 3 sets with no weight 12 (wide grip)

Lateral Pulldown (stationary)

  • 4 sets 12

Bentover Row

  • 4 sets 12

One Arm Pulldown

  • 4 sets 8-12




Leg Extensions (2 warm-up set of 25-50, get blood in the knees)


  • 4 sets 12-20

Single-Leg Leg Press

  • 4 sets 12-20

Leg Curl

  • 4 sets 12-20

Calf Raises

  • 3 sets A.M.A.P. (full stretch)




Military Press

  • 4 sets 12

One Arm Military Press

  • 4 sets 12

DB Lateral (side) Raises

  • 4 sets 12-15

Upright Row

  • 3 sets 12






Alternating DB Curl

  • 4 sets 8-12

Straight-bar Curl

  • 4 sets 8-12

Seated Dips

  • 3 sets 12-20, 1 minute rest

Rope Pushdown

  • 3 sets 12-20, 1 minute rest

Overhead Press

  • 3 sets 12-20




Smith Machine Incline Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

DB Bench Press

  • 4 sets 8-12

Incline Flyes

  • 4 sets 8-12

Pec Dec Machine

  • 3 sets 8-15
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Joey is the fitness lover, MMA enthusiast who you can count on to contribute his weekly Size With Style post every Thursday, pointing you in the right direction toward a healthier lifestyle.