Simon Says: Why the Wii U will be insignificant come Fall

With the Wii U being on sale for the past 6 months, the console has never really seemed to have the gaming community wanting one more than their next breath. In all honesty, the games which have been released are typical of Nintendo with the releases of several Mario games, party titles and older games which have only just been released for the Wii U. Surely everyone wants to play something fresh and not something which most people have played such as Deus Ex: Human Revolutions? This is one of the several reasons why I believe that the Wii U will continue to struggle as well as the impending releases of the PS4 and next-gen Xbox.

One of the main issues for me with Nintendo is often the lack of variety in their games, they tend to stick to their guns and re-use the same recipe which has brought them success in the past. Whenever there is a new console released, you can always count on the same titles being released at one point or another such as Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, dancing and fitness games which have been more common in the more recent Wii console. While you can always count on Microsoft releasing Halo, Forza and Gears of War and Sony releasing Uncharted, God of War and Killzone, Nintendo has been releasing the same games for numerous years, beside the fitness games which feel as though they already belong in the past. Recently, the only game to come out for the Wii U which has seemed to have any impact is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which is also available for the 3DS. The key point here is that many people already own a 3DS so why would they buy a new console when they can play it on a console they already own?

A point I made in the introduction, the delay in games being released for the Wii U not only hurts sales for the console but also its reputation. With games such as Deus Ex: HR, 007 Legends and Darksiders II it seems as though the console seems to be an afterthought. Some of these games were good when they were released and may be good to go back and replay them once in a while but these are no reasons to buy the console. Aside from Bayonetta 2, which will be pivotal for the future of the console, the Wii U doesn’t seem to have many exciting titles on the way. A series such as Metroid Prime would be excellent for the Wii U and refreshing as it’s not as used and abused unlike other Nintendo exclusive games.

When the original Wii was released, it was a revelation in gaming. The motion controls and the simplicity of the games were beautiful. Even games which had been redesigned for the Wii added an extra layer to the game, Resident Evil 4 being the perfect example. It was very simple for anyone to pick up the nun-chuck and become fully immersed in the game as it was so simple, hence why it was a monumental success. The Wii U gamepad doesn’t seem to have the same impact as its predecessors as it feels as though you are playing on a tablet computer rather than a games console. These days, touch screens seem to be everywhere with smart phones, tablets and other gadgets all featuring commands from your fingertips. Although the Wii U does embrace the touch screen, it seems to take the gamer away from immersed in front of their television or monitor anxiously gripping on their controller.

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 following the route which the Wii took, in regards to motion controls, you knew that the Wii was always going to be superior as the console was designed with this in mind and not altered to feature a camera or two landing signals for an aeroplane. While the PS4 and next-gen Xbox will be continuing with these motion controls, they leave themselves in a good position as they will (probably) be continuing the motion controls similarly to the way in which they used them in the previous generation.

For me, Nintendo consoles have never been aimed at hardcore gamers which many people consider themselves these days. Judging by many people’s experiences with the Wii, you would say that the original Wii was good for party and childish games. With the Wii selling in such huge numbers, many people may be put off by the Wii U’s price tag when not much has changed from the previous version.

To be honest, I think that the Wii-U was doomed even before it was released. With numerous rumours saying that the Wii U was at the same level as the PS3 and Xbox 360 but these rumours were later quashed. The appeal for many Xbox 360 and PS3 owners would have been lost year in which would be a crucial year in the gaming calendar, from the console’s release at the end of November to the end of November 2013. Why would anyone want to buy a console which is already behind the last generation of consoles? It makes little or no sense to me. In order to make the system sell, Nintendo need a larger variety of games to offer, games that Microsoft, Sony or anything produced on Steam can produce. A game such as Mario Galaxy 3 would be crucial for Wii U sales as the first two games were so full of life. As for games coming onto the horizon, I know I’ll be keeping my money for the PS4 and the next Xbox.


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  • Anon

    It seems you’re a bit confused and backwards about how things will play out.

  • concretecactus

    While you can always count on Microsoft releasing Halo, Forza and Gears of War and Sony releasing Uncharted, God of War and Killzone, Nintendo has been releasing the same games for numerous years

    Bit of a contradictory point; don’t you think?

    • Anon

      The release density of Nintendo IPs are less than the release density of the IPs you’ve mentioned. The comparison is legitimate. Nintendo does not “milk” or force-feed their IPs into the market. They create quality games and release them when the time is optimal for them, not the market.

    • Anon

      However, the author is horrible at making any legitimate points and completely misses the point that could have been made on a release density comparison.

  • rototon05

    I suggest you to keep your own opinion for yourself!! i still believe that it is too early to determine whether the wii-u will succeed or not. Furthermore, Nintendo knows how to use their strategies; therefore, they are dominating in the handheld marketing around the world. In addition, i don’t think that many people will be willing to pay for a PS4 when there exists a PS3 with a huge variety of games out there. Also, i would say that after E3 from this year we will see and compare the videogames companies that will determine the future of gaming. With that in mind, Nintendo is the owner of mario, zelda, donkey kong, Super Smash Bros, mario kart, kirby, Metroid, Xenoblade and other franchises that will cause Microsoft and Sony a headache.. i love Nintendo and i own a PS3 and a Xbox 360, but all i can say is that the games that come from “Nintendo,” the greatest video game company, are the most entertaining and brilliant games ever created.

    One more thing> my apologies for being realistic!!! ”)

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    Hey all, Just a response to rototon05 here…

    Why wouldn’t people be willing to buy a PS4 with a huge library of PS3 games out there? People were willing to buy an N64 when there were so many SNES games. Just like people were willing to buy a PS2 even though there was an incredible PS1 library available. How would the PS4 be any different?

    Also, Nintendo doesn’t own Xenoblade. All of the other franchises you mention are big names, that’s for sure. But you have to realize the importance of third party support. All systems that lack the support of third party developers are sure to fail. It is great to have an all-star Nintendo cast and it is good to see the quality of Wii U games being released right now (ME3, Batman, Darksiders 2, etc.) but is the well of third party games going to dry up once technology for the other two players (Sony and Microsoft) evolves past the level we currently see with the Wii U?

    I own all three systems too and I hope for a long life for Nintendo’s new console… At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to doubt what we see Nintendo offering us when you see the major players in motion and new systems on the horizon, especially when some third party companies have already said their titles will be “next generation exclusive.” Whether they include Nintendo’s Wii U in that list of next generation consoles is something we will have to wait and find out down the road.

    • rototon05

      I totally agree with part of your statement; however, all I would
      say is that Nintendo always come up with something that we never expect so we just got to give them a little be more of time until E3 so them we will determine
      the future of this brilliant company. Also, let me ratify that Nintendo own the
      company that creates Xenogears series. Just to remind you that back in that
      days they bought 94% of the company “Mololisoft” which creates exclusive
      titles for Nintendo. I can see that you haven’t been involved in video games
      from not much but since the ps3 came out. Furthermore, back in those days when the ps2 existed there wasn’t that much interest for third party Companies of losing money because the expenses were not that much as we can see nowadays. Third party Companies are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to spend money in their consoles business so they can start making profit once they see both companies selling consoles; however, it will take awhile for both video games Companies to sell consoles because many people will not be paying hundreds of dollars when there is a ps3 that they already own. In addition, if we look at the differences that the ps4 will future, we can determine that there doesn’t exist a broad transformation between the PS3 and the PS4 when it comes about “graphics”. Also, I believe that many people will wait until they see many titles and price cuts coming to the new systems so they will start to buy it. So until then, don’t expect many people on buying these consoles. Furthermore, Nintendo already know what they will be facing in a future because they already released their new consoles. But, those that haven’t released their yet, will be featuring obstacles that we cannot
      determine. Besides, there are only two months left for E3 and I still believe
      that the Wii-u has a chance of succeeding because of the video games leaders
      that control “Nintendo”. I believe that you have played Nintendo games that
      have changed your perspectives about games so don’t doubt about their “wisdom”.

      One more thing> my apologies for being realistic!!! ”)

      • Broadcaster Jeff

        Hey again Rototon05. I totally blanked on the sale of Monolith Soft to Nintendo. You have my apologies there.

        That being said, I have been involved in video games my entire life. One mistake doesn’t change that. I wouldn’t be writing about games if I didn’t have a grounded opinion on the subject matter.

        You are right, many people will wait to buy these new systems instead of buying them right off the bat. At the same time, you can’t deny that many people will be waiting in line to buy these new systems on launch day, just like they did for the Wii U. Name one console launch from the main developers that hasn’t sold out on Day One. Aside from the Virtual Boy of course.

        What’s going to keep these gamers interested in these systems is a healthy collection of games and innovative gameplay and design. Nintendo has always been able to innovate in their system design, as they’ve shown with the Wii U’s tablet controller and many new features with the system, but will it be able to maintain third party support? Nintendo will always have a place in the video game industry with high quality timeless characters, but the level of support from third party developers will determine whether Nintendo can become a viable market contender again.

        At the same time, if Microsoft keeps pulling this bull***t of having their system always online, Nintendo might not have to work that hard at all for market share. Food for thought!

        All I know is E3 is going to be pretty exciting to check out!

        • rototon05

          Again Broadcaster Jeff. Nintendo during the past ten years have been focused in another type of audience which is being affected because of the “game pad controller” which has not caused the same impact as the ‘’remote controller” when it first came out. With that being said, people will be getting the Wii-u when they realize that many exclusive first party games will be coming out to the console. Furthermore, this is not the first time that Nintendo run out of third party support just to remind you..

          You may got your point right; however, I would say that Nintendo does not need third party support as long as they have certain games out there. It is important to delight that all the games that come from Nintendo are the ones that sell the consoles that they manufacture. In addition, we all know that once Nintendo throw out of their window an entertaining first party game, we all are going to run up straight to the store to give it a try.

          The fact that Nintendo have been doing the same thing since the GameCube came out is what makes us wonder, why do Nintendo make these strange choices in their video game interface? Nintendo is smarter than the other companies of video games because they plan their strategies in order to get the best results. Furthermore, Nintendo do not have as much money as the other companies so that it would be hard for them to compete against Sony or Microsoft. With that in mind, Nintendo has to act with different strategies that can keep them aside from a direct competition.

          Just to let you know, I believe that these three companies will succeed in a future because they have created their audience in the video game industry. I honestly don’t like Microsoft, but I enjoy playing their games. I have always love Nintendo and Sony because they know how to convince people to buy their consoles.

          I have bought all the consoles that came out from the three companies but the Wii-u. I understand that many people are disappointed with what Nintendo have promised about third party support; however, I doubt that their plan will fail once they throw their bombs at the E3. All I can say is that Nintendo have to act unless they want to drop out from the video game industry and I don’t think that it will ever happen. I still waiting as same as many people out there to see what Nintendo will have that will make us buy their last generation console. Meanwhile, we just have to wait until E3 so then we will have a real conversation. Lol!!!

          One more thing> my apologies for being realistic!!! ”)