Simon Says: Why Microsoft Played a Masterstroke With One Part of the Xbox Reveal

Midway through the Xbox One reveal, I began thinking to myself, “Is this it? I don’t want a Tivo box.” As the hour long presentation came closer to ending, I felt very (popular word on Twitter right now) underwhelmed by the whole event. I don’t use my games console to watch sports or TV, I only use it for games and occasionally movies. While the lack of game announcements may seem to have been part of a poor show from Microsoft, I believe they have got at least one thing over on Sony in light of what they did show.

Both FIFA and Call of Duty are amongst gaming’s elite. No matter if you hate COD for being the same as the previous title or you hate the connectivity functions in FIFA, they both sell in extraordinary numbers year after year. While the PS4 showed games such as Watchdogs and Killzone, Microsoft showed next to no gameplay of any games, it was all CGI based and didn’t give a proper insight into the graphical power of the Xbox One. While I do enjoy playing FIFA with my real-life friends, I’m not as enthusiastic about the game as much as others are. I haven’t owned a COD game since Black Ops and I wasn’t too bothered about the announcement but for many it was a crucial announcement.

The main reason I think Microsoft have performed a masterstroke with this announcement is because they have identified their market. In Britain, there are a high number of gamers who play nothing more than COD and FIFA all year round, it is all some people will play year-on-year. From September one year until September the next, they are happy to ‘Prestige’ an infinite amount of times and will happily pit their wits against anyone who is willing to on the virtual football pitch. The EA Sports Ignite engine looked to impress the gaming sports fans as it promised to have the ‘realistic’ feel to the sports games, which we have been promised every year since around 1996.

In addition to these two games however, the announcement of the dedicated number of servers will have some people desperate to own an Xbox One along with COD and FIFA as they are among the highest played online multiplayer titles.This would have been music to many gamer’s ears as they are constantly looking for a lag-free, online gaming experience.

The majority of games related people I follow on Twitter, like myself, seem to be disappointed with what Microsoft had on show. There wasn’t really any need for 20 minutes of being shown how to use the Kinect 2.0 and watch TV constantly, that’s what my TV is for! (This will be said by many until E3) People need to remember that this was an announcement to try and get one over on Sony and while I think the Sony announcement was better, I think Microsoft showed a lot of (although it’s sad to admit it) what young gamers and core gamers would like to see.

As news keeps on generating after the conference is finished, many will remember this conference for being inferior to that of the PS4’s announcement. This much is true but I do believe that one of the few good things that has come out of this for Microsoft was the seeming ‘exclusivity’ of FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. I was using this Xbox Reveal to determine which console I will purchase first but I think to ultimately decide, I will need to wait until E3 rolls around till I see what games each console has to offer. Other people should do the same and wait until they see what each console has to offer before writing off Microsoft. With some FIFA and Call of Duty exclusivity on offer, the Xbox One should still be a success.


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  • Luke Siuty

    Keep in mind though, that neither FIFA nor COD will actually be exclusive. FIFA will be on a range of platforms for sure, while it was said during the presentation that Xbox-ers will just get DLC first for COD (as per usual).