Should You Sell Your Old Console?

The next generation is on the horizon, and as such it’s time to once again start saving. Selling your old Xbox or Playstation could help you afford them,  but what about all those games? Will they just gather dust on your shelf? You could sell them, but with them all your progress and hard work will follow. You’ve invested countless hours playing that console, why should you sell it? Not only does it offer a sense of nostalgia, it is also necessary to play your games.

For many, you spent mornings and nights playing your Xbox 360/PS3/Wii. You defeated horde after horde of those that stood in your way, and you were able to conquer the game’s toughest bosses sometimes in a matter of hours. You were a robber, an assassin, a knight, and a soldier. All of these fond memories were on your game console which simply did it’s job, to let you enjoy yourself. Yet it went unnoticed, because it didn’t need to be. Now back to today, This system has great memories tucked away under the hardware, and selling it, although would help fund your expenses, would only work to undo that sense nostalgia.


You’ve fought some of the largest foes

Due to the fact that backward compatibility, aside for the Wii U, hasn’t been announced, all those games you own may go unplayed. However, The PS4 will not be backwards compatible, but it will, post release, allow you to purchase your games again. Which depending on the size of your game collection, may cost more than if you kept your PS3 in the first place.

Many consumers may go out on the day of release to pick up these new consoles, getting rid of all current gen material because they are “ready for  next generation”. These “early adopters” allow themselves to basically beta test these new consoles, and they come to either enjoy it or hate it. For example, when the iPhone 5 was released, many had already sold or gotten rid of there old iPhone 4s. however, A great many people did not enjoy a lot of the new and altered features associated with the phone, and due to already getting rid of it’s predecessor, they were forced to wait for updates that would inevitably fix it.

The same applies to consoles. If the next generation consoles delivered less than what was promised, wouldn’t you want something to fall back on? They could have a faulty OS, lack support, or even break. During which time you could revert back to your old console until it is fixed, but if you sold it you would be forced to suffer through all those glitches and bugs that it presses down on you.


The iphone 5 had a few problems such as it’s faulty map app and its inability to connect with some wireless connections

Although the next generation is quickly approaching, we should not discount this one just yet. Not only does it still offer much, but there are still countless games you probably have not played and more still about to release. If you were to rid yourself of them now you may come to regret it.

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Christopher Carpenter is one of the younger members with GameNTrain. He Lives in Arizona and frequents N4G.

  • Eric Hoff

    Excellent first article. I have personally been thinking of selling a lot of my 360 titles which I have either played or that have been sitting around for a long time. I want to take the money from the sales and put them toward STEAM titles. I am thinking of making the switch from console to PC. STEAMS Big Picture makes PC gaming much more like console.