Genki Girls Vehicles

It would seem that another new DLC pack has found its way into the city of Steelport guys and gals! The Genki Girl Pack provides you with 3 Genki themed girls and their matching vehicles, all of which are re-skinned versions of vehicles in the game. As pictured above you can see Angry Tiger’s Motorcycle, Sexy Kitten’s Sports Car and Sad Panda’s Dune Buggy which are modelled on the Kaneda, Vortex and Saints Raider, respectively. My personal favourite is Sad Panda, a nod to South Park’s brilliant Sexual Harassment Panda from a few years ago. Homage to South Park or no homage, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s worth 240 of my hard earned Microsoft Points!

You can download the Genki Girl Pack on Xbox 360 & PS3 for 240 MS Points or $2.99.

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