The Typing of the Dead came out originally on the PC in September the 23th back in the year 2000 and then saw a release on the Dreamcast the following year on January the 23rd. The game is a mod of Sega’s House of the Dead 2 that came out in 1998 in the arcades, the game is your normal on rails zombie shooter but in The Typing of the Dead’s case instead of shooting your enemies you have to type words that come up before the time runs out or else you take damage. The game consist of 6 chapters ranging from beginner difficulty on the first chapter where you only type out single words to the 6th chapter where you find yourself typing out sentences just to kill 1 zombie. At the end of each chapter there is a boss fight that challenges you even more by adding different ways to kill the boss for example the boss on the second chapter you can only type when the chest is open on the boss meaning you have to type as fast as you can when the chest is open or else you miss and you have to wait till the chest is open again. During all this you’re getting ranked on your performance during the game so if you manage to kill the zombie in a second then you get a ‘A’ ranking but if you take a while then you may only get a ‘C’ ranking, all of this comes into account when you have completed the chapter and it ranks you on your performance by charting up all the ranks you got during the chapter and then giving you an overall score and asking you to input your name.

The first 3 zombies you see in the game

The first time you play the game it doesn’t give you any help on what to do it just chucks you straight into the game but with the name The Typing of the Dead and letters popping up on the screen it’s pretty self-explanatory on what you have to do in the game.

During the game there are people to save and to do so you need to type the word quick enough before the person gets killed by the zombie if you succeed in saving them they might give you a power up for instance they could give you a life upgrade or a power up that makes all the zombies weaker. As well as this when you’re going along the level you might see a letter pop up on the screen above a barrel or a box and if you press the letter then you break the box and it gives you a power up that might give you another life or a items that give you points. In this version of the game there are missions during the game like one of the missions where you have a set time to kill as many as the zombies you see on the screen without taking any damage.

The first mission you see in the game and before this mission you can pick up an items that makes all the words part of the same theme.

Because the game is a modification of the original game you expect some of the aspect of the game to be completely different to the original for example instead of the zombies throwing axes at you the developers made it so they throw items like mallets and even vegetables such as leaks, all this make the experience very different to the normal game because when you got hit by an axe it didn’t really stand out because all you see is a axe on your screen but in this if you get hit there is a vegetable right in the middle of your screen and it makes you notice it a bit more and it is a bit strange.

That’s right.. they even modded the models for the game.

What they have done to the characters in the game is pretty funny because instead of holding guns they have a keyboard strapped to the front of themselves and on their back they have a Dreamcast and a massive battery attached to it when you see this in the cut scenes it just looks silly but at the same time it’s quite funny to see the other characters in the game wearing keyboards and ‘shooting’ zombies. If you can manage to get a copy of this game it is worth playing it but the game is pretty rare and because it’s not being made anymore it’s going for a high price. Saying this the game does have its flaws for instance the voice acting in this game is not very good at all it sounds like they translated the game into English from Japanese using a computer to talk because when they say a sentence some of the words just sound completely different from the last thing they just said and because of this you can’t really take in the story of the game even though the story for the game doesn’t really make a lot of sense either. What I got out of it was that someone called ‘Gold-Man’ created loads of creatures like Zombies, strange worm creatures and even mutant owls and all of them are out to get you and you have to kill all of them.

Overall it’s a fun game to pick up and play and because you’re using the keyboard and not a light gun if you want to get faster at typing or you want to learn how to touch type this game might be very useful because you need to look you need to look at the screen and type at the same time and you have a time limit on all the words so it’s helpful if you want to learn any of those skills. And as I have said if you manage to get the game by buying it or other methods it’s worth a try and for this reason I rate this game a 4/5

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