Review: Street Fighter x Tekken Pro Fightstick

As a big fan of the fighting game genre I own a fightstick to play them. I play games like Street Fighter 4, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken. I originally played using a X-Box 360 controller when I first played Street Fighter 4 on PC. When I got more into the game I decided to buy a fightstick and the first one I bought was a cheap fightstick made by Hori for the Playstation 3.


Since I’ve never really used a fightstick before, I thought it was really good. It felt a lot better for me to be playing on a fightstick as opposed to a controller. The problem with this fightstick and a lot of other cheap ones is that they’re made to get the job done and that’s it. With the more expensive fightsticks like the Mad Catz Street Fighter TE sticks or the newer Street Fighter x Tekken Pro fightsticks, you get much better parts.

All of the top of the range fightsticks use Sanwa parts, these are made in Japan and they are the best parts you can get. Sanwa make all the buttons and joysticks that you use and seeing how they’re the most important part of the fightstick they need to be made properly.

Though the Hori stick I bought was great for £40 after a while the buttons started to stick and this became a big problem. When you’re trying to beat someone online, sticky buttons will cause you to miss a combo. Also, the stick wasn’t very ergonomic for my wrists so after a while of playing my wrists started to hurt.


I then upgraded to a Street Fighter x Tekken Pro from Mad Catz after I decided that I am going to be playing fighting games a lot and that I would need a better fightstick. The change from the Hori stick to the Mad Catz one is amazing.

Hori fightsticks didn’t use Sanwa parts but the Mad Catz one did and the buttons felt a lot better. They didn’t stick and they were not hard to press. As well as this the joystick for it also felt very good in comparison.

You can get a cheap stick for around £40 in comparison to a high quality one for around the £100 mark. This may seem like a lot for a peripheral but if you play the game a lot you’re going to use it a lot. Obviously if you’re not going to play the games a lot but you still enjoy playing them from time to time it might not be worth forking out £100 for a high class fightstick but if you’re like me and you can justify paying the price for one then it’s definitely worth it.

Mad Catz are not the only fightstick maker out there. QanBa also makes very high quality fightsticks and they are often cheaper than the Mad Catz ones. There is also the Q4RAF model stick that can work on all 3 platforms: PS3, PC and Xbox 360. The problem with Mad Catz sticks and a lot of other makers is that they are not dual modded so if you go to a mate’s house who plays on a Xbox 360 your PS3 fightstick won’t work on it.

Overall I definitely recommend getting a more expensive fightstick over a cheaper one if you can justify paying for one. If you don’t think you’re going to play a lot of fighting games then it might be worth getting a cheaper one like I did and then end up buying a more expensive one if you find you play the games a lot.

Score 4/5

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  • Lou Wagner

    Arcade sticks make it so much easier to play fighers!! We have a Mad Catz MvC3 TE stick and a wireless Hori Tekken 6 stick for the 360 and the Tatsunoko v Capcom stick for the Wii in our house. The Mad Catz is by far the best of the three. It’s worth noting that Mad Catz sticks come with a square gate/restrictor plate, which a lot of people find more difficult to use with certain characters/games. You can certainly buy octagonal gates for cheap and mod it fairly easily, but is still something to keep in mind when picking an arcade stick. At some point I’d like to get an Eightarc Fusion, but I also want to wait and see what the new Razer stick is going to be like before making that big of an investment.

    • Antm4n

      Nice! I’ve recently got a QanBa Q4RAF stick for £100 and it’s great! Hopefully gonna sell my SFxT stick. :)