Review: Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters is a new puzzle game from Zeptolab, the same people who brought us Cut The Rope. Pudding Monsters is out for the iPhone, iPad and Android and it’s around 69p. On iOS, you will have to buy it twice if you want it on both your iPhone and iPad.

First off the game looks very nice, I played this game on a Nexus 4 and It looks great.

Pudding Monsters 1

The main aim of Pudding Monsters is to slide the monsters so they all connect into one. You have to be careful though because if you slide them off the stage, then you have start the stage again. Also in each stage there are stars on the floor, to get a better rank you have to make sure the monsters are on top of those stars when they are connected.

So far the game has 3 sets of levels, each containing 24 stages. Once you’ve completed them you can either wait until the developers add more levels. Or you can go through each stage and get 0, 1, 2 and 3 stars each to get more points overall.

As you get further into Pudding Monsters, you start to get different mechanics in the game such as green monsters that leave slime on the stage and when other monsters go over the slime they stick to it. This could save the monster from sliding off the edge of the stage and allowing you to join up all the monsters.

Pudding Monsters definitely has the addictiveness that Cut the Rope has and that’s great. You will find yourself completing stage after stage just looking for another challenge. There are in app purchases that help you complete a stage and if you keep on failing a stage then at the bottom, it will come up with a help option.

Overall this is a great game with wonderful graphics and lots of fun to be had. It’s definitely worth 69p and I give this game a 5/5.

If you want to know more about this game, go to the website

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