G-Fuel by “Gamma Labs” is the elite energy drink designed specifically for gamers.  “Gamma Labs” has blended energy, focus and antioxidant into a unique, advanced complex known as “G-Fuel.”  The energy formula contains the amino acid’s taurine, citrulline, carnitine and caffeine to complement their effects.  These ingredients will motivate you and or your team of friends to get pumped up and take the win on game nights.  The second blend concentrates on focus.  The amino acids tyrosine, choline, and the herb bacopa will aid your body to produce superior performance and attentiveness.  Lastly, “G Fuels” packs the final punch by jamming all of the essential antioxidants into one serving.  The blend includes acai, pomegranate, pineapple, apple, orange and a list of others to help you obtain a superior gaming experience.

In addition to gaming, “G Fuel” can be used in place of coffee or other everyday energy drinks.

“G Fuel” is priced at 35.99 at forty servings per container.  It is available in flavors blue ice, lemon lime and fruit punch.

Avoid the dizziness and dehydration caused by your average boring coffee by replacing it with nutrient enriched “G Fuel” by “Gamma Labs!”  Visit www.gammalabs.net to order today!

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