Resident Evil 6 PC version details

The PC version of Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 will come with a new, exclusive mode called The Mercenaries: No Mercy,” an even more intense Mercenaries experience. 

The PC edition will include updates added to the console post-release, such as camera tuning and Ada Wong’s campaign (with cooperative mode). All the DLC will not be included but will be available for sale, same as it is for consoles. A new “Siege” mode is coming soon as new DLC, in which two players protect an non-playable agent while two other players control creatures, trying to kill that same agent. Expect this Siege Mode in March for Xbox 360 and PS3 at 320MSP/$3.99.

In February, a free benchmark test will become available to PC users to see how the game will run. Additionally, the service will be available.

As a digital download, Resident Evil 6 will cost $39.99, and it comes out March 22, 2013.



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  • Eric Hoff

    New modes are gonna be pretty sweet. A little addition and change can be a good change when done right.

    • Luke Siuty

      That’s true, but I feel like there’s too many, and too much real money getting used ^_^” .