Realms of Ancient War is the new hack ‘n’ slash (action/role-playing game) from Wizarbox, developed for Xbox LIVE® Arcade, PlayStation® Network and PC Digital and released on September 25, 2012 with a cost of 1200 MSP /$14.99 on PSN. The Developer is a video game development company which offers its skills to help studios with its productions. The team brings to the market high quality development service for full or partial development of software titles.

Most likely when you think of a hack ‘n’ slash you imagine a huge amount of attacks, endless combinations out of control, land devastating combos that you can continue in the air and a slaughter on the battlefield. Realms of Ancient War presumably thinks that belongs to the genre, but the reality is that it falls short, because his regular mix of action and RPG, it’s irrelevant history, and his failed attempt to resemble other types of games, they do more than a simply one portion.

Like most games of the genre, the world in which it takes place is a fantastic nature, so that humans, elves, dwarves, spirits, walking skeletons, among other creatures, are the dominant species that inhabit the continent, a landmass divided by four cardinal kingdoms remained at war by decades because of a unknown chaotic strength. Obviously you are the hero of this story and as such you must have to save the world from imminent destruction.

Fighting Hordes of enemies with limited resources? Run Man, Run!

When you start the campaign will have 3 characters to choose from: The Wizard (Mausoleum Ruins) that has the most devastating attacks but can only use the lightest armor. He is a ranged attack specialist with the largest mana pool but is extremely fragile in melee combat. The Warrior (Coastal Village), Powerful and tough, is an expert at melee fighting. He can use the best weapons and armor but has limited ranged attacks. He becomes even more dangerous when he is injured. The Rogue (Wild Valley) is a versatile hero able to use daggers, bows and leather armor. She has great buffs to boost her abilities and a unique stealth skill making her almost invisible. Each story begins on an entirely different level, which serves as a tutorial to learn the controls, but once completed, no matter whom you choose, you will experience the same frame; the difference will lay in the way the various enemies you face.

Old School Diablo combined with God of War? This can’t be, come on!

Graphically, the game looks good to the average distance in which to play, but in reality the characters are not as detailed as it seems and even on stage textures are poorly achieved. Furthermore, frame rate performance is excellent even with the saturation of enemies. On the other hand, I must say the sound effect is not exceptional, but is in keeping with the medieval theme and fantasy in which the game is set, the narration is negligible and in the little dialogue there, overacted.

The controls are awkward at best and a lot of what to expect in the game. The skills are required to X, Y, A and B with the option of having two customizable interchangeable skills with the right thumb-stick. The left and right triggers are to provide a certain potion to refill your HP or mana. Finally, the left and right bumpers are used to interact with various game elements or traders for example. Unfortunately, that’s where the customization ends.


Realms of Ancient War is a clear example of a title that apparently was terminated prematurely, which not only lacks innovation, but marks a reversal in gender in trying to stick to the old school by eliminating a lot elements that extends the gameplay experience, which results in an incomplete and unsatisfactory delivery.

To this action/RPG game we are giving a




+ Great Local co-op.

+ Friendly control scheme.

+ Frame rate works effectively with the presence of many enemies on screen.

+ Good Constant action


- No online co-op.

- Personalization and limited skill tree.

- Total lack of a defensive system.

- Need of mana all time to attack.

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  • harring

    some people are cant install it with steam and steam dont know how to fix it, the developers of the game dont know how to fix it. When I ask for a refund Steam just point at the developers and the developers just points at steam. NEVER going to buy anything from that developer again