Shootmania is a upcoming PC release from Ubisoft and Nadeo which is the same team who brought us Trackmania. Currently Shootmania is in a beta and you can only get in it if you obtain a beta key through their website or various giveaways. Shootmania is based around a ‘skill’ based shooter meaning if you die it’s all to due with the skill of the other player not kill streaks or overpowered guns. In games like Quake Live and Counter-Strike that are also skill based shooters it all depends on how good you are at the game. Unlike games like Call of Duty where the player could just camp in the corner, rack up a few kills and have a overpowered helicopter flying through the map killing everyone. The game will allow the user to create maps just like you did with Trackmania and then play them online with people around the world. You can also customize a shield on the back of your character to hold a custom logo of your choice.

Main menu for Shootmania

When you log into Shootmania you are greeted by the main menu, at first I didn’t really like the interface for this screen, It’s a bit awkward to use but after a while I got used to it but it could be better. Once you’re in the game it is a pretty fun I normally try to join Instagib servers because they are my favorite. Personally think it takes more skill because you have 1 shot and if you miss that shot you need to wait a second or 2 before you can shoot again, so your aim needs to be dead on to get the kill. You have the normal servers where it’s deathmatch and free for all game types but you can also get custom servers that have objectives like a game mode I was playing earlier. You only had 1 life and it was also a instagib server so once you died you had to wait till the next match. In the center of the map there was a flagpole of some sort and if you stood on it for a while a bubble would appear around the map and close into the center. If you touched this bubble you would get killed by it so it’s persuading people to get into the center of the map and fight and I thought it was a pretty fun game mode.

I really don’t like this

One of the things in the game that I really don’t like and don’t see the point in is having 2 different options for the mouse sensitivity. It is a bit annoying especially how if you set them to the same level they are not the same in-game. So many times I have changed the sensitivity only to find in-game when I’m trying to look up to kill someone I miss them even though I knew it was on target. It then forces me to go back into the settings to change it some more. I think it would be better if it gave you the option to have them on two different sliders if you wanted but if you didn’t you could just change the master sensitivity so it was the same in-game. Hopefully this is something that will be addressed in upcoming patches because I thing that it would save time.

Another thing I’m not to fond of is some maps have water and if you touch it you get killed. Personally I find this pretty bad because it’s a skill based game and then having parts in the map that can kill you when you’re trying to shoot someone takes that skill away from it because it’s not just the other that can kill you. However saying this the levels are designed by the players so if you were going to play this game competitively you could create maps that are purely based around skill. The controls for the game are pretty basic, you use the WASD keys to move, space to jump and the mouse to aim and shoot. One thing about this is the jumping slows you down way too much so if you jump mid fight you are pretty much dead because you’re an easy target. As well as this if you are moving forward and you press A or D to move sideways it feels very sluggish. I find myself trying to spin around to kill someone to find that I have to wait for the character to catch up until I can move at full speed again.

Shootmania does look very pretty too :)

Apart from these mechanics I don’t like I think when Shootmania is out it’ll be quite a good game because of all the user created content and it could do well in the eSports scene it will most probably be a game I pick up and it is worth a try. If you’re interested in this game then check out the main site for the game at and give the developers a follow on twitter if you have it 

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