POM Wonderful Said To Have False Health Claims By FDC

This week, the FDC confirmed the decision that POM Wonderful pomegranate juice was making faulty advertisements regarding the health benefits related with their juice. In recent advertisements, POM Wonderful juice has made statements such as “Relax, you’ll live longer”, “Cheat death”, “Forever young” and “Cheat Death”. The images of these advertisements can be found in the gallery below.

Although a great advertising campaign, these statements are simply not true. In order to make statements such as these, a company must go through two randomized, well-controlled human clinical trials. If this testing proves that the product actually does these miracle things, then making those statements is just fine. In POMS case, the testing was never completed.

We are not saying that POM Wonderful is not good for you. We are saying that the statements made in the advertisements may be a bit over the top.


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