Pokemon X and Y Could be the Best One Yet

It’s strange to think about just how long Pokemon has been part of the gaming community. With the release of X and Y it will be the 6th generation of Pokemon, 15 years since the American release of Blue and Red version, and there will be likely over 700 Pokemon to collect throughout the games. For some of us, including myself, Pokemon is just part of their life. Every time a new game comes out they purchase it, put countless hours into completing 100% of the game, and then wait for the next stellar installment. Obviously, favorite games are developed along the way, and inspiration may hit at some point to go back and play a classic, but for the most part the cycle will continue. However, for some reason, there is a new feeling with the incoming release of Pokemon X and Y. Changes, which steadily occur in the Pokemon world, are quickly hitting the long time fans of the Pokemon series. So much information is coming that many don’t know what to think. However, as a long time fan, all the news coming in on Gamefreak’s new title is like music, declaring with triumphant victory that Pokemon X and Y will have on the fans. It’s a little scary to say, but Pokemon X and Y could be the best one yet, and for good reason too.

1. Mega Evolution

When I was told about the Mega Evolutions that would be coming to the new Pokemon games, I really had no idea what to think. The entire concept really baffled me. Why would you only be able to use it in battle? Why can’t I be Mega all the time? I thought this for a while, but recently I realized how great Mega Evolution will be for the Pokemon battles. Everything about the battles will change. Not only will the players have to balance types and attacks, but now they will have to manage when and how the evolution will occur. In addition, I cant imagine having to defend my Pokemon against an enemy with this power. Luckily, the battle isn’t the only thing that the Mega Evolutions will improve. Old favorites will be brought back onto the scene for another generation of awesomeness by giving them incredible looking evolution. Finally, I will be able to show these new Pokemon how it is done, Mega Absol style.

2. The Graphics


Although the faces of the Pokemon games have changed,  the style of Pokemon, has always been the same. Its familiar charm has  lasted throughout the games, but I did find it bizarre that each title, game after game, looked a little too similar. Some buildings and character models were different, but no large visuals changes were made during the last 15 years. That changes with X and Y. For the first time Pokemon is making a huge change, and will be pulling out all the power out of the 3DS to bring  Pokemon in 3D. The characters, environments, and battles will be more lively and vivid as ever before. It will be a large transition for Pokemon fans and I can’t wait to be a part of it.

3. The Pokemon


 Of course the most anticipated and loved part of the Pokemon series are the Pokemon itself. A signature of the Pokemon games is the constantly changing of the starting Pokemon. This time around the starters will be (as ordered above) Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie. Honestly, they look great, the designs are solid, and I can only imagine the menacing monsters that they will turn into by the time their levels get around 36. In addition, truly amazing Pokemon will also be found hiding around the world, some will be  a killer sound bat called Noivern and a flame bird dubbed Talonflame. These beasts will be the ones that keep the game interesting, and creative additions like the new fairy type and gender features will only heighten an already outstanding experience. Currently only about 30 new Pokemon have actually been announced and hopefully many more amazing designs, like the ones shown, will be released. Although they may not be the classics we all know, what has been shown so far is very exciting and lives up to the Pokemon name.

Its evident that the Pokemon series struggled a bit with the release of Black and White. They failed to make significant change, and the Pokemon released seemed to come from a strange children’s dream. However, from what has been shown of Pokemon X and Y, it seems Gamefreak is getting back to its roots. It is focusing on making the Pokemon the biggest part of the game, and made huge improvements to the traditional battle scheme. As a result, they have been able to make a complete graphical overhaul and still keep the Pokemon tradition alive. All in all, Pokemon is huge, and has always been, and with a little luck X and Y may be the best one yet.


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