Pokemon – X and Y Versions Announced


The day has finally come! A Pokemon game rendered in 3D epicness! Nintendo today announced that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be releasing worldwide on October 2013. These versions of Pokemon will run on Nintendo’s handheld, the Nintendo 3DS. As usual, since these are new Pokemon games, they will introduce three new starter Pokemons. The grass type Pokemon is called Chespin, the water type one Froakie and the fire type Fennekin.

Gematsu also has provided some additional info from the Japanese media regarding these newly annnounced Pokemon games, here’s a breakdown:

  • In addition to existing Pokemon, there will be a large number of completely new Pokemon. The additions will bring the total number of Pokemon in the franchise from the current 649 to over 700.
  • Because of Pokemon X and Y, the Pokemon anime, movies, card game, and merchandise will “break into a new dimension.”
  • People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience “Real Play.” (I’m assuming this is referring to the game’s global October release.)
  • The game will utilize the 3DS to its maximum abilities to leverage its overwhelmingly beautiful presentation.
  • The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world.
  • The bonds between players and Pokemon will deepen, and Pokemon will become stronger with the new battle structure.
  • Everyone will enjoy the game’s scenario and music.

Here’s also the announcement video of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for your viewing pleasure:

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are slated to release on October 2013.

Source: [Gematsu]

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