Like airplanes and airports? Then Pocket Planes is for you! Tiny Tower developer NimbleBit, LLC gives players a airline simulator that is fun to play with! The game features 8-bit characters, airplanes, you name it. So what makes this game so good? The chance to create player’s own airline, being able to buy planes and watch everything grow!

The game starts giving a simple tutorial that runs through basics like how to send people on flights, select flight destinations, etc. Then it’s up to them to select the continent of preference to start their journey in building  their biggest airline ever! Continents like North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania are available. The game starts with 4 airplanes and 2-3 airports available and a good amount of credits and bux. Credits will be deducted when sending NPCs to their flights. There are two types of NPCs: passengers and packages. Bux are used for many things such as buying airplane parts,airplanes, finish a flight quickly, upgrade airplane, etc. Each airport can be upgraded twice to generate more jobs. Players can even paint their airplanes for free and even change the costumes for their pilots with the exchange of bux. Some silly costumes are available too depending on the overall player level. Levels are gained by sending NPCs to their destinations that lets players buy new airports. A nice touch too is that airplane names can be changed.

Jumping to the menu players can check out the market that sells airplanes and their parts which can be acquired with bux. Players can also exchange bux for credits and purchase them via iTunes micro transactions. The airpedia shows the airplanes that can be acquired and also shows which ones are owned. Flight Crew benefits players in joining with people around the world to complete global events. Advertising airports increases demand to that airport for a fixed amount of hours. This is letdown because it’s better to upgrade the airport then advertise it. Thanks to iOS notifications, players can stay updated when their planes have landed and they are customizable also! Notifications when each individual plane can be sent to players if they wish to.

When sending NPCs to their destinations, the flight animation is triggered where players can collect coins and bux, though they appear randomly. Players can also look which airplanes are idle, see their ETA, and know when they have landed. Since planes have multiple seats, players can take advantage of this and gain multipliers in their flight profits. Bux being a necessary item can be accumulated via flights also, but the down side is that the flight won’t generate profit.

Being a fan of 8-bit games this game looks awesome and simple. Pocket Planes might generate for some the addiction factor that some simulators have. The game surely will be updated to include more features.

Be sure to download Pocket Planes and begin managing the airline of your dreams!

Pocket Planes released as a Universal iOS app for free on June 14th,2012.

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