PlayStation 4 Pricing Rumors, Gaikai Technology

The British newspaper The Times is reporting that the next PlayStation will be priced at only £300 (approximately $465), an unusually low price, according to leaked industry documents and reports.

This is most likely because the launch of PlayStation 3 was stymied by a high price range ($500-600) and an unexciting launch line-up. This time, Sony wants to make sure the console will have a stronger start so more people are eager to throw their money at the new system.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that the recently acquired “Gaikai” technology will enable deep social interaction via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook by allowing instant video upload and smoother comment and achievement sharing. In addition, Gaikai will enable current PS3 titles to be compatible, thus strengthening the PS4′s launch position.

These rumors and other mysteries will be either confirmed or denounced at Sony’s upcoming February 20th event, which is going to be a reveal of their next generation console. Meanwhile, Sony’s been posting videos for their series depicting the history of their system:

[Sources: IGN and CVG, citing The Wall Street Journal and The Times]

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  • Eric Hoff

    Ahh man, I loved the PS2. After that I got into the 360, but the PS2 was revolutionary. Such a great blast from the past looking at that video. Makes me want to get into the franchise… That and The Last of Us