Plants vs Zombies to receive a sequel and a spin off

Plants vs Zombies, Popcap Games’s multiplatform tower defense game, will be getting a sequel in the form of Plants vs Zombies 2 and spin off in the form of Plants vs Zombies Adventures. While the original game was released on large variety of systems, it is currently unknown what system(s) the sequel will be released on, but in the meantime, it is currently known that the spin off will be seeing a release as a Facebook game.

Head of PopCap’s San Francisco studio, Curt Bererton says that Adventures is ”a highly accessible, zombie-zapping adaptation of the original game designed specifically for Facebook.” PopCap has also stated that Adventures is the first of “several” arrangements of the first game. The Facebook game will feature new zombies, plants ways to set up your plant’s defenses, and leaderboards. Plants vs Zombies 2 currently has a planned release for early summer, while Plants vs Zombies Adventures is set for a spring release.


[source: GameSpot]

  • Eric Hoff

    PVZ – one of my favorite games EVER!