Pile of Shame – Metal Gear Solid 4 – Part 4

Part four of Pile of Shame is here, as my gaming experience with Metal Gear Solid 4 continues.

Its amazing how a video game collection can get away on you. If you are joining me for this journey, then you know that Pile of Shame is my journey to play all of the games in my collection that I have never got around.

That collection has an absolutely absurd number of games that I haven’t played, including this month’s featured title, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Check out the video below for my thoughts on MGS 4. We finished the introduction last episode and now I’m finally playing the game. I’m a little rusty on my stealth, so bear with me as I get back into things.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 experience continues!

Be sure to stay tuned as I try out Metal Gear Solid 4 and give my thoughts on the game.

You can check out the first three parts of Pile of Shame: Metal Gear Solid 4 here!

Don’t worry, I am going to skip ahead soon enough. This won’t be a playthrough of the entire game.

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  • http://www.GameNTrain.com/ Eric Hoff

    What is up with that radar. It doesn’t look like it does much at all.?.

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    No idea Eric! There’s a couple of times in the game where I have played so far where the radar seems completely useless. I think it seems to work more like letting me know when sounds are in my general area.

    Its been pretty confusing. Once you get the hang of it, it makes some sense. I just wish I had map view on screen, not radar view.