Pile of Shame – Metal Gear Solid 4 Part 1

We all have games that it takes forever for us to finally get around to playing. Some people have a backlog of games much worse than others. This is the story of the Pile of Shame.

Pile of Shame is the latest feature on GameNTrain, You see, GameOn Host Jeff Johnson has an awesome video game collection. Problem is, Jeff also has an absurd number of games in his collection that he HAS NEVER PLAYED… 66 games in total so far!

This is just the games purchased at stores that need to be played!

This is just the games purchased at stores that need to be played!


Pile of Shame is GameOn Host Jeff Johnson’s quest to play the games in his collection that remain untouched.

Each month, Jeff will announce what game he is playing over the course of the month, then come back with a second feature to talk about his experiences with that game and whether or not the game DESERVES a spot in his collection.

Over the month of March, Jeff will be playing Metal Gear Solid 4! Check out the video below for Jeff’s thoughts on the feature and on Metal Gear Solid 4!

Be sure to stay tuned this month to find out what Jeff thinks of this game.

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the author

Jeff Johnson is a Canadian journalist and the host of GameOn here at GameNTrain. He was born in Ontario, but moved to British Columbia to learn what it's like to be attacked by deer on a regular basis. If you've got an idea for a feature story on GameOn or would like to be featured as a contibutor, simply e-mail gameongamentrain@gmail.com. You can also find Jeff on Google+ at http://www.gplus.to/jeffjohnsongnt

  • http://twitter.com/LukeShooty Luke Siuty

    And this one is also in my backlog! I tread with care to avoid spoilers. Too bad I can’t play it this month to compare my reactions with you, but I hope they’re positive. I’m a big fan of the series.

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    Hey Luke!

    Yeah, I’ve been a fan of Metal Gear Solid for a while. I’m surprised I haven’t played this one yet, but am looking forward to giving this game a go over the next couple of weeks. I should pop the popcorn for all the cinematics I can expect from it!