Open Forum #2: Batman Ben?

We are back with our second installment of Open Forum. Last week we asked you if you were interested in the PS4 of the Xbox One. If you have not yet shared your opinion yet on that topic, please feel free to. Today we are hitting you with a question from the movie scene. Have a look below and please, share your opinions in the comments below.

Batman Ben


It is not new news that Ben Affleck is going to be the next Batman. Pretty simple question here… How do you feel about Ben taking on the role?



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  • 咒純討厭

    no thanks

  • genoboost

    I have a hard time trusting Hollywood with Superman, and it looks like Batman was just caught in the crossfire of a crummy movie.

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    Its Batman… and you are casting Ben Affleck?? Really?
    Aside from the fact that Ben Affleck was already Daredevil and he did NOTHING to help thrust that superhero movie into stardom, does Ben Affleck really suit the role of Batman? I can picture Ben Affleck as more of a funny boy character or possibly a clean-cut superhero, but Batman is pretty much the ultimate badass superhero. I don’t know if Ben Affleck is a suitable choice for this role.
    Also, if this is a versus movie, one of the heroes needs to take on a darker approach so you can actually have a contrast. Otherwise, it’ll be a Face vs Face battle and we all know how well that goes! Here’s hoping they don’t screw it up too badly.

    • Peter Thomas

      Funny boy character or clean cut? Clearly you have not watched The Town. :P Ben is very diverse in his roles, playing a lot of different kinds of characters. He may not be the BEST choice, but I certainly don’t think he was anywhere near the bottom or middle of the list.

  • Peter Thomas

    There’s only been one Batman that has disgraced the mask, IMO, and that was Val Kilmer. He was the most unlikely look for Batman, and to me was the worst movie of them all. And it’s all his fault. Ben as Batman doesn’t bother me, and I’m actually very excited to see this happen. Yes, he may have a little more of a Boston accent, but I think he’s going to do just fine. Ben’s a good actor; I’ve no doubt he will own the role as if it was his own to begin with. I just hope they don’t make him growl when he talks in the suit.

  • Noah Martin

    I think the only way that this movie would work out is if they casted Christian Bale, and went for a darker movie. People are going to be quick to judge this movie against the Dark Knight Movies anyway, but with Bale as Batman it would be considered a part of those epic movies.