Open Forum #1: Xbox One or PS4

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Xbox One or PS4


Articles have appeared all over the web and here on GNT regarding the battle between Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Now its time for you to voice your opinions. Which system do you plan to pick up if any and why. Are you a brand fan for years or are you going to purchase the system which you feel has more to offer?

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  • Eric Hoff

    Personally, I do not plan to purchase either of these two systems. I have recently gone 100% PC gaming using Steam. In regards to the PS4 vs Xbox One, I feel that Microsoft is offering some new innovative ideas while Sony is staying with the more traditional game system model. I do not know which will come out on top but I do know that they both have a lot to offer and will be putting out some excellent exclusives.

    • Peter Thomas

      You’re right where I sit, sir. PC gaming has proven a lot to me, including it shouldn’t cost $400+ to be able to play the next generation of games. I can buy a $250 graphics card, and minus a few updates to RAM or potentially a new processor, will be good for several generations to come. Steam has set a brand new precedent that is removing the limitations of gamers everywhere. With controller compatibility, you don’t even have to give up the sticks that you are familiar with, either.

  • genoboost

    The major factor for me is price, so I will likely be going with Sony’s offering over the Xbox One.

    With that said, I don’t think I have yet seen a game that has impressed me enough to want to purchase either next gen system.

    • Eric Hoff

      I would have to agree with you on that one @genoboost:disqus . The only title that I am truly looking forward to is #Destiny and that is not an exclusive. Thanks for chiming in!

    • Peter Thomas

      @genoboost:disqus What about Watch Dogs? The new Infamous? There are definitely solid exclusives for each, but I think the ones we see on the PS4 are definitely going to top anything we see from Microsoft. That is speaking as unbiased as I humanly can.

      • genoboost

        Those games definitely look good, but just don’t seem innovative enough to warrant purchasing a completely new system for. I’m sure I will see something truly mindblowing for the systems come next E3 though.

        • Peter Thomas

          You don’t see innovation in Watch Dogs? You would literally be the first person I have heard to say that. Sure, the sandbox mechanics aren’t new, but all of the details around them are.

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    Knowing me, I’ll buy a next gen system, but not right away. I was initially leaning toward the XBox One, due to the Twitch integration, but lost interest with the price point and the constant flip flop on policies.

    PS4 has me interested with it being 100 bucks cheaper, having a good focus on indie games and now Twitch integration, but there’s nothing at launch really grabbing me.

    I’ll probably buy PS4 next year. Sometime, not sure when. I’ve got more than enough games to play until there’s a price drop.

  • Peter Thomas

    What kills me the most from even considering this gens consoles is the backwards compatibility. I know a lot of people say it isn’t important to them, and that’s fine, but it is a HUGE selling point for me and one I put first and foremost before any fancy graphics, good games, and the like. Because of the vague and convoluted process behind that, there’s a chance I won’t see a next gen system until several years after its launch.

    With that being said however, I want to answer this for the sake of answering the question, and I would say that out of the two, the PS4 still looks more attractive than the XBone. This is due to some of the exclusives I’ve seen for the console, the sheer and raw power of it, as well as all of the quirky drop-in-and-out multiplayer gameplay mechanics. I will be very interested to see how Sony approaches the development of it moving forward.

  • Simon Marshall

    To begin with, I have already pre-ordered a PS4 as in terms of the initial reveals, I was won over with Sony’s nod towards the ‘hardcore’ gamer with Microsoft unable to settle on what exactly the Xbox One was designed for. E3 was a huge indication on what side most gamers were opting for as it seemed that Sony had made hardware for the gamer and Microsoft had made a “Dad Box” that would satisfy the kids and partner with multimedia content and Dad himself with the gaming.

    In the recent weeks and months, Microsoft have reversed their policies and have tried their hardest to make up for their ‘errors’ which were lamented by the gaming community. Although I have pre-ordered the PS4, I have owned bothe the original Xbox and owned the Xbox 360 since it’s launch. I had always intended to pre-order the Xbox One but with all the controversy and lack of information from Microsoft, the PS4 seemed like the only way forward.

    In saying that, the launch games for the Xbox One seem to be far more impressive to that of Sony’s which include Titanfall, Forza 5 as well as exclusive content for FIFA 14 and offering the game as a pre-order bonus is huge, too.

    I do think that the Xbox One could be very strong come release date with the range of games they have and the Xbox brand has redeemed some of it’s bragging rights since the whole ‘always online’ debate. The PS4 will still be the first console I buy as their attitude towards gaming has been great, right from the word go and they have hidden nothing from the consumer. That is why they have already guaranteed a sale from me.

    • Peter Thomas

      Titanfall I can definitely see, but Forza? I don’t think that is anything revolutionary worth calling out over the PS4. Criterion has stepped up their game as it relates to racing, so I’m not sure I can say that Forza 5 will have the capability to sell me on an exclusive game. As for exclusive content (RE: FIFA 14) I also don’t believe that’s enough to warrant a console purchase. Those are nice to haves, but not worth the purchase of a console, IMO.

      • Simon Marshall

        Forza isn’t anywhere near as popular as Gran Turismo is for the PS community but, Forza is the most popular racer for the Xbox owners and I’m sure it’ll be a great success. Most people that will buy an Xbox One will probably buy this game, too.

        In North America, I can completely understand why you think that exclusive content for FIFA isn’t relevant but, it definitely is. Ultimate Team is such a huge deal here in Europe. People spend hundreds of pounds creating great teams and customise them to their own satisfaction. Now you can get exclusive content, these hardened Ultimate Team fans will be going to the Xbox One for their exclusive content, especially if the console comes with a free copy of FIFA, the world’s most popular sports game.

        • Peter Thomas

          Ah okay, so Forza competes with GT. I didn’t realize that. That makes sense though.

          Yes, that makes a lot of sense for me too. That’s really awesome that you guys do that, but it doesn’t just have a lot to do with the sports and culture aspect. I’m still not a huge fan of DLC like this. Full blown content is one thing; adding characters/costumes to a game just doesn’t appeal to me, no matter what game we are talking about. If SSB ever made me pay to have characters in their game, I’d stop playing them.

  • Noah Martin

    I just don’t know is my best answer. However one thing is for sure, I will not be a day one purchaser. I was hoping that my WiiU would be the center of my next gen gaming and no matter how much I love it, the truth is that some games aren’t coming to the console. On the side of the Xbox One, there is the kinnect and a stronger game lineup. Also, there is a bit of brand loyalty that carries on as a result of my Xbox 360. On the other hand Sony has impressed me thus far and the PS4 is also a viable option. Its large Indie support and emphasis on hardcore experiences impress me, but the games aren’t really peaking my interest. Each have there own pros and cons, and heck if it was up to me i would buy neither. However, my WiiU isn’t going to get some of these titles, so at some point I will choose, but I expect that will be in a year or two when the price of one or both goes down. In addition to a larger variety of games.