Have you ever played a mobile phone game where you could use some of the most common emotions known to man to solve puzzles? If you haven’t then you’re in luck! This week’s Xbox Live via Windows Phone release is Mush from indie British developer Angry Mango. The developers have been working on Mush for the past two years and now the time has come to see how the game performs via my Nokia Lumia 900.

The first time you open the game you are greeted to the main character that you control throughout the game. Even in the game’s starting menus the feel of the game is brilliant. The colour leaps from the game screen and continues throughout the game. The game definitely keeps your attention, from the start menus and right through the game. The music is also very charming. There is even an option to make the game music into your ringtone. To control the main character, you have to tilt your phone either to the left or to the right. This sounds simple enough right?

As well as this though, the game features the use of emotions and these are required to complete the levels. The emotions are happy, sad, confused and angry.  To enable these emotions, the player must interact with the phone. For instance, to activate the happy emotion the player must draw a smile on the screen, which then lets you fly. This also sounds simple enough but, the way you have to eventually use one after another, it becomes much more fun and you always have to be kept on your toes. Each stage you pass (3 levels in each stage) unlocks a new emotion.

  While playing through each level, there are Minimotes to collect. In order to collect all of these, you must use the emotion to acquire them. As you collect them, there are no power upgrades or anything like that. When you collect all the Minimotes it means that you complete the level 100%.

Since Mush has been released via Xbox Live for Windows Phones, achievements also come with the game and most can be completed throughout the course of the game which will suit achievement hunters, but they aren’t all easy!

 If there was one downside to Mush it would be that the game isn’t longer, the levels are very good, no denying it, but I would have liked to have seen the game being longer. More levels or stages possibly? But, to be fair, the gameplay is so enjoyable that you will be playing this long after you’ve completed it.

With beautiful visuals, great music and fantastic gameplay mechanics, I firmly believe that Mush is one of the best games available for Windows Phone and if you own a Windows Phone, you have to have it! Especially when travelling on long or short journeys, lunch break at work or even just to pass the time, which the Windows Phone is good for, Mush is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion.


Mush is available to download right now via the Xbox Live Marketplace on your Windows Phone for £2.99.


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