That’s right folks, the popular game (MineCraft) from Mojang has finally moved from PC to XBLA. There’s been a number of codes given away all over the interwebs (yes it is a word), and now it’s time for us to give one away.

As this is a sought after code, I’m thinking we push the barriers a little bit…

Do you have a webcam, video capture capabilities, the ability to draw, absolutely anything where you can get your view across… either in video or artistic form?

I want you to send in (submit via comment section) a clip, picture, montage, audio file whatever you choose, of why you love (in doing so you also grant us permission to use entries at a later date). To those who may be new to the site… take a good look around and get to work… These codes seem precious and so the competition will not be open long… Entries will close Monday 14th May at 1300 (BST).

  • You should also tweet the following;


  • Make sure your following both @Butty578 (he has the codes) and @GameNTrain.
  • Make sure you give GameNTrain a like over on Facebook

Good luck to everyone that takes part and we look forward to reviewing your entries.

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  • Marco Coppola
  • Chris Hofer

    Since the day that Xbox Kinect was released, I have burned over 55,000 calories using “Your Shape Fitness Evolved” and “Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012″.  Over the past 1 1/2 years, I have lost 20 to 25 lbs thanks to the YSFE games, eating better, and using a stationary bike in my basement.  I think it is great that you’ve combined the idea of staying healthy with the fun of gaming!  I’m a newbie to your site, and it looks very nice!  Very cool that you have game reviews but also keep your focus on training and nutrition so we aren’t all couch potatoes!

    Here’s proof that I’ve burned over 55,000 calories in YSFE…ranked 113th in the world!

    Thanks for the chance!
    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004:disqus 

  • Devyn Schuetz

    [IMG][/IMG] I hope i win from my crappy drawing :)

  • becca shepherd

    before gamentrain my friend was not bothered about anything but playing xbox [IMG][/IMG] as u can see, but a few days after showing him this  he got kinect and turned his life around [IMG][/IMG] hes now hoping to get a girlfriend an keep up with a healthy gaming lifestyle :0)

  • Spike Gold

    I love the unique concept of GnT, combining fitness and gaming. In times of Kinect and motion controls, training your brain muscle just ain’t cutting it anymore to be the best!

    Thanks for the chance to win!