Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Concepts, Screenshots, Enhanced AR, Parry System, DLC & More!

In just 17 days players will be able to experience the cyborg ninja action that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will unleash for consoles. There’s so much news, videos and screenshots that build so much hype for this game! So why not grab all those bits of news and give them to you our faithful readers in just one article?

Let’s start with DLC: an article featured in Dengeki PlayStation has reported that Konami is planning to release DLC content for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The DLC content will include VR missions and substories for other characters. So far the release dates and pricing for this downloadable content has not been detailed.

Next up, an awesome video featuring a gameplay feature from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance called Enhanced AR. In the Japanese version of this game it will be called Augment Mode. What does the Enhanced AR do? This feature scans the whole area giving Raiden the position of his enemies, items, object that can be cut with Blade Mode, etc. Players will make use of this especially in pitch dark areas of the game which will be surrounded by multiple enemies. Enhanced AR can give players a planning opportunity for their next move.

In this video we also see the use of the iconic cardboard box, which is hard to believe that a cyborg wouldn’t become suspicious that Raiden is hiding inside of it. Another element of distraction in previous Metal Gear games were the sexy lady magazines. Since technology is advancing we give you: the holographic sexy lady tablet!

Check the video below to see the cardboard box, Enhanced AR and the sexy lady tablet in action!

We’ve seen Raiden slashing his enemies without problems, but Raiden keeps in check his Jack the Ripper persona. What happens if this persona is unleashed? Check the video below near its end to see how Raiden viciously cuts and slices his enemies while Jack the Ripper lets it rip!

The Desperado Enforcement LLC. is an American PMC featured in the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance storyline where Raiden will face various captains called the Winds of Destruction such as Mistral, Monsoon and Sundowner. Wondering how are the boss battles? Check the video below to see Raiden having a hard time with them.

An important gameplay mechanic players must master in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the Parry System. To explain more, Platinum Games Game Designer Takahisa Taura takes his time showing how the Parry System works. Here’s a small snippet of how he explains Parrying:

First then, let’s define it. Parrying is executing an attack at the same time as your opponent in order to block their incoming attack.

So how do you parry?
1) Face the direction of the incoming attack. (hold the directional stick in the enemy’s direction)
2) Execute a light attack. (PS3: ?/360: X)

Do that and you’ll have pulled off a parry that completely protects you from the enemy’s attack. It’s a beautiful thing. What’s more, if you parry at the exact moment you expect the enemy’s attack to connect, Raiden will counterattack right after you parry. Also very cool.

If you’re able to hit the enemy with this counter, another chance will open up for you: a golden opportunity to cut the enemy to ribbons with “Blade Mode.”

He then proceeds to show a video of what he explained. Check the video below.

But enemies are not so dumb, they can parry back and counterattack. So how can players solve this problem? Takahisa Taura shows us once again:

Now, how are we supposed to solve this problem? It’s easier than you think.
If they parry counter your parry counter, just parry counter the parry counter of your parry counter!

And what if they parry counter that? Then parry counter their parry counter of you parry counter of their parry counter of your parry counter!!

He then proceed to show another video detailing the awesome tongue mixer.

The development for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has been completed! Here’s an image Hideo Kojima posted celebrating the completion of the development.


Now that’s a lot of content right? Let’s finish with a huge image gallery showing concept art from the enemies, Raiden battling against some cyborg soldiers and bosses and some Jack The Ripper screenshots.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes slashing to consoles on February 19,2013.


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  • Jack Sears

    You’re wrong though. Holding the direction to parry won’t work. You have to flick the stick to the direction the enemy attack is coming from every time it attacks.