Maximum Overkill – A Future Ouya Space Shooter Gets An Indigogo Campaign And Demo

Much has been said of OUYA, from its very beginning on Kickstarter until its arrival to different markets in June of this year, through the thoughts and opinions of the development teams and users to analyze certain games. The Ouya catalog is now with over 500 games and is mainly composed of independent titles.

With more than 25,000 registered developers for potential growth, The Ouya catalog is high. Rosalila Studios is of those great studios with mind-blowing ideas about future great Games and apps. Maximum Overkill is one of its future projects which has an IndieGogo campaign.

Maximum Overkill is a 2D side-scrolling shooter with a cartoon art style, an intense soundtrack, and really smooth controls for Ouya, to support the campaign by buying a perk, you are contributing to the existence of the first level boss, playable characters and toolkits for people to develop their own space shooters from the engine. You can contribute and get more knowledge about the developing of the game and the bullet hell engine here, Maximum Overkill.

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