Now isn’t that a beautiful sight? A computer generated image of a man, seemingly in the midst of a gunfight, dual-wielding pistols whilst playfully wearing a gorilla mask. You don’t see that very often now, do you? Well if you’ve played Max Payne 3′s Multiplayer then you’d have probably already had the joy of encountering something similar to this image in real time, rather than the split second snippet that you see above.

I think I’ve set the scene enough, so now I’ll swiftly move on to the point of this article. That rambunctious Rockstar rabble have been busy slaving away in the development kitchen making some DLC delights for you, me and the rest of the world to tuck in to. I think it’s only polite if we have a goosey-goosey gander at the menu to see what they have cooked up for us:

Local Justice Pack

This pack includes the 55th Battalion HQ map, Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge maps from the game’s intense final chapters, plus the M4 Assault Rifle with attachments, the Light Fingers Loadout Item, the São Paulo Police faction and associated new Achievements, Trophies or Social Club accomplishments. PC players will be able to get the Local Justice Pack on July 17th.

Available for 640 MS Points / $7.99 on PSN.

Gorilla Warfare Pack

This free DLC pack includes three items to customize your Loadout with — the Gorilla Mask Item gives you extra adrenaline for melee kills from behind, the Lucky Coin Item gives you extra cash when looting bodies and the Booby Trap Item makes your corpse booby trapped so that it explodes when looted by another player. Available now on Xbox LIVE and directly from the PlayStation Store.

Pre-order & Retail Packs

Additionally on July 3rd, all pre-order and retail DLC will be available for purchase on Xbox LIVE and PSN, which includes the Cemetery Map, Silent Killer Multiplayer Loadout Pack, Pill Bottle Loadout Item, Deadly Force Burst, and Classic Max Payne Character avatar. PC players will be able to get the pre-order and retail DLC on July 17th when the Local Justice Pack launches for PC.

Available for either 160/80 MS Points or $1.99/$0.99 each.

Now that’s a lot of DLC for your average gamer to enjoy, right? The only problem is that Rockstar haven’t decided to rest on their laurels just yet. We still have the Deathmatch Made in Heaven mode pack, the New York Minute co-op pack and the Disorganized Crime and Hostage Negotiation map packs to look forward to, all with expected release dates in Summer 2012. On top of that we have the Painful Memories and Trickle Down Economics map packs that are penned in for Fall 2012.

If any or all of this seems appealing to you then I think you should at least consider the Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass. Available for 2400 Microsoft Points or $29.99 (PlayStation Network and PC), this allows hardcore Max Payne enthusiasts to enjoy all of the DLC whilst getting over a 35% discount in the process, when compared with paying for each DLC individually.

Seeing as we are a gaming and fitness website, I think it’d be rude to pass up the chance to use an old workout motto whilst sneaking in a pretty awful gaming related pun, all in one fell swoop:

No Payne, no gain folks. No Payne, no gain…

I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t resist it…

Toodle pip!

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