Looking at PlayStation in 2013

Earlier today this video from Sony surfaced, called “#PlayStation2013.”

The video is actually nothing more than an impressive rendering of the classic PlayStation controller symbols, but at the end, a date surfaces: February 20th, 2013. This is most likely a date of an announcement Sony is going to make regarding PlayStation.

The company also tweeted this:

It’s very likely that this announcement will reveal the next generation of the console, so far nicknamed “Orbis.” If this is indeed the reveal of the next console, looks like all we need to do is wait for February 20th.

The video’s description invites the viewers to start a conversation on Twitter, with the hashtag #PlayStation2013.

Do you agree that this is likely the next console announcement? What kind of features would you like to see in PS4?

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  • http://www.GameNTrain.com/ Eric Hoff

    I think there is a possibility. Good work putting all of the evidence together in the article.